The Kissing Booth

The Jack and Jill was amazing; unfortunately, I ended up getting drunk. I really didn’t intend to, honestly, and I was still in control of everything…I just felt awesome 😀 It couldn’t have gone better!

There was a cute guy there, we’ll call him Booth (details of how the nickname came to be will follow). I met Booth at a party I went to at McPout’s, and thought he was cute. Apparently, he thought I was hot too (since I am in his contacts on his phone under “Lil Hottie”). Anyways, he came to the Jack and Jill and bought me a lot of jello shooters. Then we brought out the kissing booth! I wore it and charged people $2 for a kiss.

I was sick of being in it after a while (although I was making lots of money off of the drunk people, haha) so I told Booth to go in it. Then I went up to him with five bucks and asked what that would get me. It got me a make-out session :O. So ya, my first kiss with Booth was in…a kissing booth? And I paid for it. Hah. But I got free kisses the rest of the night so meh.

I don’t know if that whole thing is going anywhere, I’d be interested in seeing though…if he’s interested. I don’t know though, I can’t really follow “Facebook signs” of him “buying me as a pet” (Friends 4 Sale application) and put bank in that crap.

Anyways, I had fun last night on the microphone and in the kissing booth. It was good times. Gibby and Fuzz showed up but both of them left before the whole kissing booth ordeal…heh. Luckily. Fuzz would be pissed and Gibby would be disappointed in me for drinking so much at a fundraiser I was running. I think it made it better though…for me. I was actually able to get money of people in my happy state. I’m too shy to approach people sober, so whatever helps the team!

But ya, just throwing this out there…I felt sparks with Booth. First time that’s happened in quite a while, and even though I was drunk I know that they were there because I’ve kissed other people while drunk and felt nothing but…drunk. So that’s interesting. We’ll see though.



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