So I guess that saying “you’ll find it when you aren’t looking” really is true, because I wasn’t actually looking when I “found” it. In fact, I had decided to stop dating [and kissing] altogether since I wasn’t having any luck with my triangle between Boys 1, 2, and 3 and I was just confusing myself and everyone else with the “code” nicknames. Anyways, what better way to solve this triangle probably by adding a new guy to make it a damn square?

I really was going to stop dating and kissing…but then there was the whole kissing booth thing and Booth is super cute and he’s new too. As in, no past drama or friendship lines. So ya, we’ll see how this goes.

Now I’m going to go downstairs and somehow get McPout’s dog to shut up because she has been barking since 6am and I’m really tired still. Grr.



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3 responses to “Surprises

  1. Anonymous

    <![CDATA[Oh, my dear one, try not to analyze it too much, huh? It sounds wonderful and sweet and spark-ish. Enjoy the ride!

    Britt’s Mom’s last blog post..A Tale of a (Sorta) Wise Mommy]]>

  2. Anonymous

    <![CDATA[Britt’s Mom; I’ll try not to over-analyze it and enjoying the ride sounds awesome!

    Poppy; Glad to hear that you understand me! It’s such a better alternative to people not understanding me…haha]]>