Ethics and Morals

Everybody knows that ethics and morals are very important in every day life. I’ve known this since before I entered kindergarten. You don’t steal, and you don’t lie. You’re kind to everyone and you treat all equally.

As I grew up, I obtained more and more ethics and morals. My ethics and morals basically run my life, there are things I will do and things I will never do.

What I will never, ever do in a million years is use abortion as a means of birth control. That’s my personal choice, when it comes to other people doing it, well that’s their personal choice. It’s their body, so they can do what they want. But my personal choice is to never use abortion as a means of birth control. The only way I would even remotely consider abortion is if I were to get raped.

But I didn’t get raped. I wasn’t stupid about it either, Booth and I have always used protection. Sometimes unplanned things just happened. So when I took a test two days ago and discovered two lines instead of one, I knew what I had to do.

Yep guys, I’m pregnant. Obviously you can see now why this post is private…I really don’t want my family knowing about it yet, not until I tell my dad. My mom already knows, and she wasn’t too happy about it – and that’s understanding really, I don’t blame her. Booth’s parents both know, as well as his step father. They weren’t exactly thrilled but his mom knows as well as anyone that sometimes accidents happen, and they all support us in what we’re doing.

Obviously, we have decided to keep it. Booth and I went to the doctor yesterday for bloodwork, and I’m roughly 3 or 4 weeks along. We still haven’t set up an ultrasound, but we will. We’re doing this the right way and taking all of the precautions and proper steps.

Ya, I’m scared shitless. I never pictured myself being a mother so quickly, especially not before I graduated college and worked for a couple of years to save money. I’ll be the first to admit that right now Booth and I are not financially able, but Booth has a job now and is going to super save. The best I can do for the future is stay in school, and that means not working as my school schedule won’t allow it.

So our plan is simple; we don’t really know what we’re doing. All we know is that we are keeping it, and I’m staying in school. Booth will still go to college, maybe a wee bit later than expected but he will still go. OSAP and student loans as well as his family will help us out financially while I stay at home with the baby and he goes to school.

So ya, are you shocked? Cause I am. I still can’t believe it. I’m not looking foward to telling my dad, I know he’ll be disappointed in me. I’m also not looking forward to telling my older sisters; I think I fear their reaction more so then my dads. I don’t want to lose any family because of this, especially when I really need them.



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10 responses to “Ethics and Morals

  1. Oh sweetie…

    I know it’s shocking but children truly can be a blessing, especially since you love the father. You have an amazing support system in Booth, and I’m sure he’ll be nothing but helpful.

    Hopefully your family will come around, and even if they’re angry now, that all changes when they meet their grandchild/niece/nephew, whatever. Grandchildren really can change the grandparents.

    Oh, and congratulations!

  2. Oh hun!

    I can imagine your fear. I love your morals. I am pro-choice, but personally I don’t think I could get an abortion either.

    You have Booth and it sounds like his family is willing to help you and that’s good especially since you both are kids. (Yes you are, but don’t worry I am too).

    I hope that when you finally tell your father that he sees that you really need your family right now and doesn’t just go off about how disappointed he is in you. I know you’ve had your issues with your family in the past and I hope that they use this as an excuse to say Booth is a bad person. Becuase that would suck big time.

    Just breathe and it take it one day at a time. And remember I am just an email away. Seriously.

  3. Amanda – I hope they will come around too, and you’re right about when they meet the child…hopefully lol. And thanks 🙂

    Sarah – Oh I’m definitely pro-choice too (unless you use that choice as a means of birth control, then go die lol). It’s just not for me. I did tell him last night, and he was and still is disappointed. I think it’s just gonna take him time to get used to the idea. The one day at a time thing is definitely a good idea, and thanks so much Sarah!

  4. I am SO glad to hear that you don’t view abortion as a birth control method! I have to say that I am indeed surprised by the news, but am really glad to hear that you’re taking the responsibility AND are making plans for when the baby arrives in both your lives (figuring out how to handle everything and making sure your family knows, etc.) You two will need a lot of strength and support to get through this time (I think having a baby and raising a child requires tons of support no matter what age you become pregnant), and I truly hope your dad and sisters see that and help you both through everything.

    Congratulations and good luck!

  5. Jesus. I’m just now getting around to reading your private posts.

    Holy shit.

    Because I’ve always liked your honesty and I’ve always been honest with you, I won’t lie. I’m disappointed in you a bit, too. I know that as a blog reader, I shouldn’t have that right, but I am nonetheless.

    However, what’s done is done, and I hope things work out okay for you.

  6. Honesty: The first picture I saw was the pregnancy test, before I read anything else, and I got scared. Especially when you started talking about morals and ethics. But by the end of the post, I’m feeling less scared for you. I know, since you’re so firm and you’ve shown the reason behind your decision – especially with your personal stance on abortion, that even when it gets tough, you won’t regret it. Because you’re keeping the baby for all the right reasons, is what I’m trying to say, I guess.

    You’ve got a good head on your shoulders (I agree school is essential now more than ever) and you’ve got a really good guy to support you. I hope your family will put all that other stuff aside and give you the love and support you need.

    And you’ve got your blog family here, too!

  7. I wish you could see my face when I finally got around to reading this…I’ve been busy in love, ya know how it is, but my mouth just dropped!!!

    Congradulations babe!!! Sure, it’s scary, and a little bump in the plans, but you are such a strong person, I know you’ll be fine!

  8. I only just got round to reading these posts… so I’m very late!
    But congratulations! I’m only 15 and so can barely say, but a kids a total blessing right? You come across as really sensible and I’m sure that you and Booth will do the right thing. Abortion for me is a no no, and I respect you for being able to make such a choice in your situation.
    Best wishes hun!

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