Dance like a monkey and laugh laugh laugh

Excuse the title, Nolan is playing with his interactive zoo right now, and that’s one of the phrases. I’m obviously going to end up singing myself to sleep with that song. SIGH.


Nolan in his new car seat; testing the straps etc

Nolan is a Northern Canadian baby, through and through haha


Yesterday Matt and I went to Zellers and bought Nolan a new carseat, because he has outgrown his infant carrier. Today we took our first trip in it, to the EYC for the Move and Crawl play group class. Matt drove me, because I’m not yet familiar with this town, and I was running a little later than I liked.

It was nerve wracking, and very awkward at first. I got there around the same time two other people arrived; both dads. About ten minutes later, two more moms arrived who both already knew each other. I was the youngest parent, which made me feel out of place a little. Not that the other parents made me feel out of place or anything like that, because they didn’t…they all seemed pretty nice.

The instructor type lady had the babies crawl into the middle of the circle to grab toys, and we sang a “welcome” song to each baby (I felt really awkward, I can’t sing AT ALL, but they loved it so it was okay heh), we did some kind of move and dance song with them (Nolan SQUEALED with laughter, he loves to dance) and then we talked a bit about the other classes and activities the EYC offered.

Despite the fact that I was the youngest, and perhaps the awkwardest, it was interesting and fun watching Nolan interact with the other babies. I will be going back once a week on Thursdays to attend the class. I might go to another hub class near our house just to see if I meet any friendly faces my age there. And I might go a few times to the drop in.

It’s really too bad I don’t know anybody with babies Nolan’s age or around his age, because my sister told me about a cool movie showing every Thursday at the Cinaplex Odeon for parents and their babies/toddlers. They turn the volume way down low and only dim the lights, so you can still see, and apparently you get to pick between two movies. I’m not brave enough to go alone. Maybe I can sweet talk Matt into going with me…although the movies playing next week aren’t anything he would have picked. It kind of sucks though not having any friends to hang out with, and by kind of I mean it really sucks.

OH, did I mention that I finally drove somewhere in this town?!? Yup, I drove home from the EYC today! Matt was with me, directing me, but still…I did it. It’s only been a little under a month since we moved. Heh. I also backed the car into the driveway, which is super awesome because I hate backing up. When I go out somewhere alone, I look for a pull through spot.

I totally deserve a hero cookie for that.



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8 responses to “Dance like a monkey and laugh laugh laugh

  1. Gettin’ so big!!!

    Glad you enjoyed the class at least somewhat.

  2. Blaine

    YAY! Sounds like it will be more fun, and age is nothing when babies are concerned (mostly).

    😀 I bet there will be other mothers the same age wanting to go, but they never see anyone else, so maybe if you keep going, you’ll meet someone.

    I need to set a reminder to go to ours, too. I always forget until a few hours after it is over. 😦

  3. The first playgroup meeting is always the hardest, but eventually you’ll find you have things in common with the others who are there. 🙂

  4. I’m lucky enough that my husband will watch any kids movie without encouragement but not lucky enough that they have one of those theaters within a half hour of where we live… Congrats on the new carseat and the driving 🙂