Good things come to those who wait…& wait…& wait

Matt and I have had our fair share of troubles in the past two years. We struggled to make ends meet with Matt working jobs that simply weren’t enough to pay for our monthly expenses, we got ourselves into a stupid amount of debt over foolish things, and we tried to do everything ourselves while only succeeding in getting into more debt.

When we made the decision to move up North and start over and get our lives on track again, it was the best thing we could have ever done. Good things started happening, not quickly at first, but they started. It took Matt a while to find a good job with lots of hours and decent wages, but he found it. It took us a while to get on our feet and figure out the whole managing money and sticking to a budget, but we did it – but we’re doing it.

I won my appeal, and I now qualify for disability. The retro I will be receiving is more than enough to pay off our debt in full and pay for our small July wedding, plus to put away for a rainy day. I can’t even begin to express how relieved, happy, and estatic I am about this all! It’s going to be fantastic having that axe removed from over top of my head. It feels wonderful already knowing that I won’t owe anybody any money and that we will most definitely be okay. The stress of having to find a part time job to help pay off our debt is gone baby gone, because our debt will be paid off.

Things are really coming together for us, finally. We’ve toughed it out for the past year, dealing with way more stresses than anyone just getting into a relationship should deal with. We’ve dealt with things that would break other couples, and we’ve come out from it all with the same determination and love for each other that we had at the beginning, only now it’s stronger and deeper.

I look at him and I can’t believe how lucky I am. We have our moments when we fight over silly, foolish things, but we always resolve any issues we have with each other (which is usually insignificant things, like who does the dishes etc).


I’ve changed my mind about the wedding time again, because Matt really wants a pig roast BBQ. We’re now [officially, I might add…the deposit is in!] getting married at 4:00 instead of 7:30. I still plan on taking pictures of us at sunset, but the ceremony will be at 4. I also gave in to Matt’s desire to have top hats…since I know he wants them really bad.

I’m now considering pillbox hats. I think they look classy and elegant, but who knows…maybe I won’t suit it at all. I’m also considering bird cage veils, my sister in law had one for her wedding and she looked absolutely classy and elegant. I’m not sure yet, it really depends on what I can find within my budget and what suits me and the dress that I find.

Nat and I are going to a few shops today to browse and see what kind of deals they have. I haven’t decided if I’m going to try any wedding dresses on today, but I shaved my legs just in case 😉

I have a lot of planning to do; and now that the deposit has been made the number one pressing matter on my list is getting the invitations out no later than next week. I have to find wording for the invitations, and decide what I want them to say. I’m kind of thinking we’ll just do something along the lines of “Matt and Jessica request your presence” because we have way to many parental figures (my parents, Matt’s mom and stepdad, Matt’s dad and step-mom) and I don’t want to leave anyone out nor do I want to have a like six page long invite hah. Besides, we’re not really doing things traditionally anyway. I mean, some aspects of the wedding will be traditional but for the most part it won’t be. I mean hell, we’re doing a pig roast BBQ for dinner! Heh.

I’ve already bought invitations at a dollar store, they are white with a silver boarder and two silver hearts. I know silver isn’t in our wedding colours at all but like I said, we’re going cheap on this 😉 plus I figured adding a little purple ribbon or something like that would be fine enough. People just need to know when and where it’s happening, right? I want to save our money for the bigger things.

Anyways, I’m having a blast so far planning it! I’ve been on The Knot and I’ve found a lot of helpful tips and suggestions!

119 days until we get married!



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15 responses to “Good things come to those who wait…& wait…& wait

  1. So happy for you that your disability appeal thingy worked out. That has obviously been a major problem for you in your daily life and it’s good to know it’s finally working out for you!

  2. Emily

    OMG, I’m SO happy for you! That is only fair that you won, and what a big relief! I’m in debt, too, so I know how it feels, and it would be so nice to be able to pay it off at once. Yay for everything falling into place!

  3. Yay! I’m glad you won your appeal and I’m glad you finally have an official date and are getting married soon!!

    🙂 It’s been a long wait and I’m glad that the end is finally in sight.

  4. You know, when some wise person says, wait it’ll gt better with time, you keep wondering if they’re sadistic. But when life begins to get better, that’s when you realise that a wait was needed after all.

    I’m so glad you did and I so happy that things are looking so much better for you.

    From your pictures, I can see that you have long dark hair, why don’t you just tie it back in a simple knot and maybe wear a studded pin over it, a short veil like the one in the picture will look good on that style. Show off your hair! 🙂

    • Sarcastica

      HAH! You totally do, because at the time…things look like they’ll never improve…but they do. Sometimes its painfully slow, of course.

      Well I’m not too sure what I’m going to do just yet 🙂 I’ve got to get some bridal hair do magazines, although that suggestion does sound pretty! I do want to leave some of it down at least, and show it off. I might dye it a shade darker, just to make it richer!

  5. Vic

    So happy for you! You totally deserve this break!

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  7. Yay for wddings!! For our wedding invites we wrote, C, L , M and B request the company of …… at the wedding of their parents, J and J on bla bla bla etc. It was lovely. Everyone still talks about it. Look forward to hearing all about your plans. Best wishes.

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