Yummy Mummy vs Scrubby Mummy

One of the things that bothers me about myself lately is my lack of fashion. Since becoming a mom, I have abandoned my old habits of shopping sprees and tons of clothes, and shoes that match every outfit and purses that match every shoe. Unfortunately, I’ve had to kiss some all of my old clothes away because I have gained a little bit of weight. Two years ago I fit into a size four, my wedding dress is a size twelve and it only needs to be taken in on the chest and in the length.

It’s a shocker, really, when you think about it. I don’t really look any bigger (or so I’m told, but like Elizabeth says…everyone scrambles over a woman to tell her she looks great no matter what) and I’m not by any stretch over weight…but still. My rib cage and hips have expanded, and I no longer have the effortless abs I used to have. I’m not uncomfortable with my body in the sense that I feel the desire to diet and exercise until I’m down twenty pounds, but I’m not comfortable in my skin because of how I dress. I wear what fits, and some days what fits is PJ bottoms and a comfy shirt from Matt’s dresser. I don’t enjoy going out in public because, even when I force myself into my jeans I don’t feel cute.

Yesterday, while at the mall Matt and I went into a store and I saw several outfits that I wanted to have, several classy looking outfits that scream “well dressed! cute!” and “fashionable!”. But my problem is, ever time we get extra money I feel so guilty about spending it on myself that I return whatever it is that I bought and get something for Matt or for Nolan. Which, ya know, isn’t good…I mean it’s good for them but then both my boys end up better dressed than I do and that just adds to my whole scrubby mummy dilemma.

It’s not at all like I want to drop 500 bucks a week on clothes for myself. I just wish that I could get a new wardrobe for school and not feel guilty about it. Even the thought of spending any amount of money on myself on clothes makes me feel guilty because, when you have a kid, that money can go elsewhere.

But I’m tired of being a scrubby mummy. I want to feel cute and well dressed. I’ve outgrown the style of my old clothes, they scream “preppy highschooler” and are too tight anyway. Dressing cute and feeling cute would seriously help boost my self esteem levels.

What Not To Wear totally needs to stop in with 5 grand that I can spend on myself.



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10 responses to “Yummy Mummy vs Scrubby Mummy

  1. apandorabox

    wow… lazy sunday mornings bring me to read this 10 seconds after you twetted it

    isn’t there an aparment store where you can buy lets say one or two cool (and cheap and wearable) jeans and those 3*1 t-shirts that come in a tube…. that way you could put together many outfits for school without spending that much money (well, i live in a totally different country and may be you don’t have clothes that cheap up there)

    • Heh, or perhaps I am just THAT engaging? heh.

      Um, I’m not sure actually. I mean there are SOME stores that have decent prices but I generally don’t like their clothing lines…they are good for teens and wanna be gangsters but not what I want lol. I am SO difficult!

  2. Blaine

    Feel free to send What not to Wear people my way, when you’re done with them. I didn’t exactly dress as good as it sounds like you did, before I had Eric, but I still need to step it up. 😀

    • LOL I mean I wasn’t THE BEST dressed or anything, but I had more style than this!!! heh. I also need to step it up.

      My sister told me today that no matter what our kids will be unhappy with us, lmao. Nice eh? But it’s kinda true…if we look TOO good our sons will get the “YOUR MOM IS HOT” jokes, and they’d be embarrassed if we didn’t look good enough? Like, scrubby mummy go away? lol

  3. jess go to the thirft stores when you have an extra 60 to spend on you. we did that just before i got preggers and i ended up with a ton of new clothes. pants for 7 or 8 bucks and shirts for about 3. totally the best way to score.

  4. Shruthi

    Oh the eternal dilemma! Let me tell you this, even when I was younger, I hated it if my mother looked like a scrubby mummy. She is such a beautiful woman. Even now I hate it when she tries to look like she’s mom to a 25-year-old! What for? When you’re goodlooking why hide it? I hated to see her look drab, I still hate it. I get my sense of having to look good for me, from her. I owe her! If it means shopping at discount stores but looking pretty then please do!
    I don’t know what it is like to save for a child, but once in a while looking gorgeous is a good thing, for you 🙂
    So, keep a look out for those seasonal discounts and shop for you, once in a while 🙂

  5. Do you have Target up there? They have cute clothes, and it won’t break your bank.

    And don’t feel guilty about getting something for yourself! It’d be different if you did nothing but buy stuff for yourself, but you don’t, so treat yourself!! 😀