Letters to Nolan; 1 Year Old

Dear Nolan;

I can’t believe a year has already passed since your birth. I can’t believe how much having you has changed me, and your father, for the best. You constantly amaze me in all of the little things that you do. You always have a smile on your face, even when you’re frustrated or upset, and that smile of yours can light up my world in an instant; as quickly as you place it, in fact (which is very quick).

I’ve never met a baby that is so well adjusted – I’ve never even heard that term used to describe a baby before. But many people describe you that way; you are well adjusted. You’re happy, and your intelligence sometimes knocks me flat on my bum! You have shown me how to love someone so completely and unconditionally and truthfully, I didn’t even know it was possible! You’ve made me a better person through and through, and you teach me new things every single day. I’ve learned more patience and more kindness, all because of you. You make me want to be a better person than I am, because I want to the best person I can possibly be for you.

I hope you know that every single moment of every single day and night you are loved. I try to tell you often, and I smother you with kisses so much you’ve already learned how to wiggle out of my arms to go play! If you didn’t learn that, I’m sure you’d be stuck in my arms all day having to put up with all the cuddles and kisses I want to give you! I think I tell you I love you every minute of the day. You just smile up at me like I know mom, let’s play now, k?

I love watching you play with other kids your age. There is one little boy at play group that you love to play with, you’ll crawl up to him and show him a toy and then crawl away and play with it, always looking back at him to see what he’s doing. You are more of an observer, yes, but there’s nothing wrong with that! You know how to join in on the games when you feel like it, you just seem to get a kick out of watching (and laughing) at everyone else.

You just amaze me, every single day. I can’t believe how quickly you’re growing up. I honestly just want to slow down the clock just a little more so that we can have more time together before you’re all grown up! At the rate time has been passing us by, you’re going to be 15 tomorrow and too cool for hugs! (Actually, you kind of already are too cool for hugs).

You are so interested in the world around you and you love to learn new things, which is awesome! You make an adorable little “voom voom” sound when you see a car or train. Every time you say “mama” and look at me, my heart totally melts. I never knew how amazing it would feel to have you call me mama. And seeing you reach out your little arms to be picked up is one of my favourite things to witness! You give THE BEST hugs ever, and the sloppiest kisses! Sometimes you forget the rules and chomp down on my cheek, but you always look so apologetic afterwards that I can’t help but laugh (even though it hurts and I wish you would stop biting my face, little love).

Each month I have enjoyed witnessing you experience new firsts and learn new things, and I know that this year will be the same. I’m excited for all that this year is going to bring…your first trip to the zoo, your first time visiting the property to swim, your first time wearing a tuxedo is right around the corner too! I can’t wait to see you dressed like Daddy at the wedding, in a little top hat!

Thank you for all of the gifts you have given me simply by being here with me. I love you so much baby boy, I can’t wait for your little party tonight to see you eat your first cupcake (that I made! With help from Daddy of course…I’ll be decorating them as soon as I’m finishing writing this letter to you).

Happy Birthday, little man. I love you so much baby boy.




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2 responses to “Letters to Nolan; 1 Year Old

  1. AHHH! Happy Birthday Nolan! (for some reason I thought this was NEXT month. Clearly I am awesome at remembering!)

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