we swing

This afternoon was cloudy, but N and I still went to the park for a bit. I really wanted to catch him swinging on video, because he has the cutest little laugh/squeal of excitement that he does. Matt’s been working so hard lately, and such long hours that I’m not sure when he’ll get to witness this adorable scene while it’s still new. It might be ‘old news’ to N by the time Matt has a day off in which we could go to the park together.

And we took several pictures.

This picture is by far my favourite; this chuckle/grin is one that Matt makes when he finds something highly amusing. Plus those chompers are so damn cute!

N squealed with laughter almost the entire time, until he caught sight of the other children playing in the park. Then all he wanted to do was watch them! BUT, his little laughter and squeal of glee were contagious to not only me, but people wandering through the park on walks. They couldn’t help but stare at us and smile at N.

There is nothing like a baby’s laughter. I love hearing N’s laughter; it’s like music to my ears.

And luckily, I get to hear it a lot. N loves to laugh, and I love to make him laugh. We’ve been playing the “scare game” lately, where in which I hide somewhere and pop out at him and go “RAWRRR!”. He jumps out of skin then laughs hysterically. It provides hours of entertainment for us both, and tonight N even attempted to scare me. It was pretty funny; and I wish I could have gotten that on video.

Anyways, today was pretty good. I managed to get almost all our laundry done (save for a few loads; but there is always tomorrow!), I finished my errands (cheques are in the bank safely and our bridesmaid thank you gifts are in my room, safe) and was able to price out a tux for N. Hopefully I will be able to grab it up from Sears soon (I would have today, but they were fresh out of size 12 mons).

And there was also the park trip and walk, although I’m seriously hating on my stroller. How much do y’all think I could get for it on eBay/Kijiji? It’s a blue Safety First travel stroller. I really want to get a jogging stroller, since the travel system stroller’s steering seriously sucks. Jogging strollers are light-weight, and I am weak haha.

Anyways, I wanted to share a little bit about today. Now, Matt and I are going to settle down for the evening and watch House.

How was your Saturday!?

Note: If you want to see the videos, you have to click the external links. I STILL haven’t figured out how to get the videos to show up in my posts and it makes me saaad.



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4 responses to “we swing

  1. Hey girl,
    I follow you on twitter and saw your update on your blog and thought I might check it out. First of all, Your baby is adorable! I loved that picture of him in the swing! Your pictures look amazing as well! And about your stroller, if it’s newer I’m sure you could ask close to what you bought it for, but it never hurts to take the price lower. You could possibly even look at putting it on an online auction and set the minimum price you’d want for it and mom’s will bid on it.
    My Saturday’s been good! A friend of mine brought her one year old daughter by and we took my puppy and her daughter out to the playground behind my house and just played 🙂 The hubs is considering on taking me out to a movie, which is fine by me 😛

  2. Is that a leather jacket Nolan is wearing? lmao. Or a rain coat? aha.
    Either way, he’s a looker, sometimes I wish I was having a girl, so our little ones could officially baby date. 🙂

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