the one where I shit with excitement.

Figuratively, not literally people. I haven’t shit myself since I was like five or six or something. And yes, that is a true story. I was five – or six, can’t really remember – and I shat myself. It was at one of my sister’s baseball games; I was in the playground and I kept telling my mom that I REALLY HAD TO POOP but she wouldn’t take me to a washroom because we just got there and she had 3 other kids to think about {and didn’t know anyone well enough to let the remaining kids be watched by someone else; and I was pretty over dramatic so I don’t think she thought it was as bad as I was saying it was…and it was} so she told me I could wait. Apparently, I couldn’t. I shat in my red Dalmatian outfit*, then tried to hide the evidence when we got home by shoving it into a garbage bag and hiding it in the bathroom cupboard. I know my mom found it, but she was super awesome and didn’t bring it up. Probably cause she felt like shit for making me shit myself. AND OMFG WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS ANYWAY? IT’S LIKE TOTALLY IRRELEVANT HERE!!!!!

*I really don’t have words to describe this outfit. I was five, maybe six, and that short set with the Dalmatians on it was my FAVOURITE {twas a tad bit obsessed with Dalmatians. I won’t lie}. And they weren’t just ANY Dalmatians, they were THE DALMATIANS! Needless to say, I never saw (or wore) that outfit again.

P.S. It’s also the reason why I haven’t worn a single Dalmatian piece of clothing since. Maybe. I’m beginning to think that shitting in a Dalmatians outfit cured me of my obsession of Dalmatians.


And now that I’m finished voluntarily embarrassing the {not literal} shit out of myself; I can now get down to the serious business of blogging about what prompted me to sit down and blog in the first place, before I thought of that ridiculous title and triggered horrific childhood memories.

MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT! Picked out by my wonderful husband-to-be {who doesn’t know about the Dalmatian shit story, but probably will because I’m 99.9% sure he occasionally reads my blog and with MY luck he’ll read this post here about my horrific shit story, and then make fun of me for it}.

{Photo from my BlackBerry…hense the slight blur but my camera is dead…boo}

Aren’t they gorgeous? I was going to wear my SIL’s pearl necklace for my wedding day, but now I’m going to wear that beautiful set from my beloved!

Honestly, I am so stoked about this!!! And before you get all hating on me and stuff {don’t lie; you’d have to be crazy not to get a little bit envious of other women when they get gorgeous jewelery from their men…I know I get envious!} this is the first time {aside from my engagement ring and wedding ring} that I’ve been given a piece of jewelry {I mean…discounting the chain necklace Matt won me, which I also love but still…we’re talking dollars spent here people}. I’m a little bit anxious and shocked by the amount he paid; but as he said, so worth it. Actually, he said “seeing your smile was worth every penny”, to be exact. Awwwwh! What a Casanova!

And anyways, you shouldn’t be jealous of me because I just shared that horrific childhood memory of shitting myself in a Dalmatian outfit to the entire Internet. And I don’t even care because I’m so happy with my necklace and earrings!


I can’t wait to wear them!

And now, it’s date night. We’re going to watch a movie and snuggle and eat junk food and Matt is going to get a SERIOUS reward for those gifts!!!



P.S. I hope none of you all hate me for the dalmatian shit story. That was probably not needed. BUT STILL!



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12 responses to “the one where I shit with excitement.

  1. That story? GOLD! also, I had the entire Dalmations bed set. So I too, was obsessed.

    Those pears are GORGEOUS and I AM jealous. (I love pearls)

  2. Adorable. What a sweet man you have!

  3. miss.words

    jess i love you and hate you at this very moment. i am so jealous. i wish i had a man like that. Gavin is sweet but hes not romantic. he has to keep up with his tough guy thing uggg. wish he would get a hint once and a while.

    • It’s taken Matt nearly 2 and a half years to get the “hint” lmao. We say we’re not “materialistic” and then we sort of turn around later on and go “WHY DON’T YOU EVER BUY ME LIKE ANYTHING?” lmfao. So, it takes a while for them to figure out that while although we aren’t materialistic, we do enjoy the occassional SUPER big surprise (for birthdays etc).

      Matt is and always has been pretty bad with cards though. I don’t think I’ve gotten a card from him yet lmao!

      I guess my point is nobody is perfect, hang in there I’m sure Gavin will surprise you one day.

      • Miss.Words

        lmfao i picked out both my birthday and Christmas present. while shop;ping i point something out about 10 times and he gets it lol. yeah i have never gotten a card from gavin. i give him cards all the time and letters. hes just not like that lol.

      • I picked out my engagement ring and wedding ring but now that we’ve been together for so long Matt has a knowledge of what I like 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Mike would buy me jewelry but I’d have to pick it out first, he’d be too indecisive to do it on his own

  5. I love your jewelry and it’s prefect for your wedding! 🙂 I love my pearls.

  6. Blaine

    So… did Mat read this yet?

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