a happy father’s day…

For the first time in a long while, the three of us got to spend time together. It was Matt’s first day off in well over 3 weeks. Even though the sun wasn’t shinning, our morning was beautiful.

We went to the park with Nolan for the first time. I have taken him to the swings near our house on a few occasions, but we don’t live near any actual parks.

He enjoyed the swings {of course} but soon got bored with the swinging motion. Luckily, there were other activities…like the slide! Nolan had a blast going down the slide with his daddy:

And then there was the four person teeter totter, which we all had fun on {although I couldn’t even touch the ground…lmfao}:

Matt also enjoyed the park, his face lit up in boyish wonder over all the fun activities, like this weird contraption thing:

After we played at the park for a while, all of our belly’s started to rumble. We went to East Side Marios for a Father’s Day lunch.

Nolan was super good, except for a 2 second tantrum that ended as soon as he saw the food. The food was super good too {note to those who are searching out good appetizers on the East Side Marios menu: TRY BUDDA BOOMERS! So freakin’ good! The three of us devoured our plate within 5 minutes}.

Our little morning outing was beautiful. I really needed it. Lately I’ve been feeling like the three of us aren’t getting to spend a lot of time together as a family. There’s always more people around, and it can get kind of hard. Plus, Matt’s been working so much lately; basically, he gets home and gets to see Nolan for maybe an hour before Nolan has to go to bed.

Our afternoon was good too; Matt and I cleaned the upstairs while Nolan slept, and then we had an hour nap too. JDC and my SIL Nat decided to throw a Father’s Day dinner in celebration of the father’s in our family. Unfortunately, all of us forgot to invite Matt’s dad ~ one of the key three people this whole dinner was for. Nat assumed JDC had told him, and JDC and I both assumed Nat had told him. BIG COMMUNICATION FAIL. We called Matt’s dad at 5 and asked where he was, and then told him that we were throwing a dinner for him. He laughed and came late {since he was leaving his mom’s house}. Twas quite funny!

I’m not the family event coordinator {clearly}, and neither is JDC. Nat usually coordinates everything and we just show up. We’ll express and interest in something {throwing a family dinner, for instance} and Nat will work out the details. I’m going to try and be a little bit more involved in the planning of family events; but I dislike planning events.

Anyways, it was a great day. I’m so lucky to have Matt as my partner and the father of my beautiful baby boy. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to walk with through this journey of parenting.

So thank you Matt, for all that you do, for being such a great daddy and husband {to be}!



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8 responses to “a happy father’s day…

  1. Cri

    awwwww. those pics are so cute! you guys make an awesome family 🙂

  2. happy father’s day, matt!

    what lovely pictures. you guys are the cutest little family EVER.


  3. Shruthi

    LOL! I love the look on Nolan’s face in the first picture… so precious… you guys are a gorgeous family… lucky you! 🙂

  4. apandorabox

    happy father’s day to Matt!!!
    he’s such a wonderful dad!

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