Letters to Nolan: 14 months

Hey little guy;

I know it’s been a while since I wrote you a letter. I’m sorry about that! I had fully planned on continuing the monthly letters, but some times life has different ideas! We’ve been go-go-go around here! Never a moment’s rest, eh my little adventure seeker? That’s okay though, this mama certainly doesn’t mind!

I can’t believe you’re 14 months already. Time is just flying by! This past month you learned so much and are now walking! I love watching you walk; you get this adorable, proud look on your face. I’m sure my face mimics yours! I am so completely proud of you Nolan; you’re such a smart little bugger.

I find it absolutely hilarious that you love to show off your belly to everyone. We’ll be playing in the front yard, and you’ll lift up your shirt and point to your belly button every time someone drives by. Or yesterday, at the mall when Daddy was carrying you and you kept pointing to your belly whenever you saw a pretty girl. You’re going to be such a Casanova!

Although, I’m pretty sure you just might like them older. The other day when I took you over to a neighbor’s house to play, you were quite afraid of the little 14 month old girl. Any time she went near you, you started to cry! Perhaps it was because she knocked you over the head with a toy and then squealed at you, or maybe you were just trying to pull the “sweet and sensitive” route with her.

You did love playing in the sandbox and water table with her, but you didn’t enjoy the bath you shared with her afterwards. The two of you were so covered in sand and mud that we couldn’t leave for our walk without a quick bath! Of course, it may have been that this was your first bath with someone else aside from me when you were really little, but who knows?

You’re not much of a chatter box, you’re more of a grunter. You “hmmmp” a lot too, when learning something new. I know you know words; you can say “Mama”, “Dada”, “Ball” and “Hi” – but for the most part, you prefer to use grunts and squeals to communicate. Your body language is certainly improving, you now point to your mouth when you are hungry, and point at toys you want me to get for you. It’s absolutely adorable.

I know you’ll talk when you are ready, so I’m not pushing it. You have all the time in the world to talk.

We’ve completely moved on from bottles, and I know you would have been cool with doing it sooner but it was me, your mama, that held on to the bottles for so long. I enjoyed our morning and bedtime snuggles while you drank your bottle, and I guess I was fearful that once we replaced every drink with a sippy cup, you would no longer want to cuddle. I was so wrong! You still enjoy cuddling with me!

You are my pride and joy, my life. I can’t believe how amazing you are, every single day you take my breath away simply by being my little guy. I can’t believe how handsome you are; each day you look more and more like a little boy and less and less like my baby.

Every day with you is magical; I am the luckiest mama in the world! And Daddy, he’s the luckiest pops in the world! I know for a fact that he too is so proud of you. You continue to amaze him as well!

Happy 14 months Nolan; my little firecracker, tester of the waters.





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4 responses to “Letters to Nolan: 14 months

  1. happy 14 months, little guy! muuuuuuuuuuah!

    this was a a super sweet letter, mama.

    ps- where did you guys pick the name nolan?

    • Thanks Elle! I love writing letters to Nolan 🙂

      And I told you via Google Talk but if anyone else is reading this and wondering; we found it on babynames.com {was too cheap to buy a name book lmfao!}

      I fell inlove with it upon saying it; Nolan. It rolled off my tongue & followed perfectly with Daniel. It meant, at the time, ‘Noble & wise’. The site has since changed the meaning but it will always mean noble & wise to me. 😀

  2. apandorabox

    OMG! it’s been 14 months alreadyy???/ he’s such a big boy…. he’s so beatiful and he learns something new everyday!
    he’s beautiful Jess, congratulations!!!

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