I had an awesome time ‘down South’ this weekend! I’m only sad that we had to leave so soon. Our trip down on Friday was surprisingly really quick, despite the G8 Summit {we saw 37 cops in the Muskokas in under an hour!!!} and constant construction. Nolan was a sweetheart up until about 45 minutes away from our destination; then he got bored of being in the car. I understand, I was the same way. We spent two nights at Matt’s mom’s house, because she hasn’t seen Nolan since his 1st birthday. It was hilarious watching Nolan interact with everyone; he was such a ham!

He got along quite well with Bison, my MIL’s dog. I’ll have to remember to upload the videos of Nolan & Bison playing tonight, they are super cute!

My bridal shower was beautiful, my lovely family did an amazing job decorating and the food was great! I had a blast! We played some fun games {like the toilet paper dress, and write a poem about the bride etc} and there was plenty of laughter and good conversation. I got tons of really nice gifts too, including some fun wedding night games/gearΒ  πŸ˜‰

I’m glad I got to see everyone again, and the babies in my life are getting SO BIG! All these cuties definitely didn’t help with my baby fever lol.

Nolan surprised me this visit; usually he stays away from other babies, or gets instantly jealous of them. He was totally the opposite this time! He played with the other babies and even kissed cousin Xander! Xander, as per usual, loved hanging out with his big cousin.

I can’t believe how big my little nephew is getting! Last time we were down, he was still pretty new and stayed where you left him. Now he wiggles and moves all over the place. He’s not yet crawling or sitting on his own, but damn that kid can move! It sucks that I’m missing out on so much, and I’m now homesick more than ever! I’m hoping that once the wedding is over {aka, once our saving for the wedding is finished} I’ll be able to spend more time visiting my family. Right now we’re penny-pinching and unfortunately, traveling isn’t a regular occurence!

But anyways, back to the present…& speaking of ‘presents’, check out what my mama gave me for my birthday: a beautiful set of earrings!

They are white gold with several diamonds, and I love them! I haven’t taken them off since I got them, actually! I love that they are casual enough to wear on the daily, yet dressy enough to wear on special occasions! They make me feel pretty! Thanks mama!

Saturday night, after Nolan was in bed, Matt and I headed back to Shannon’s house for a party. It was kind of a bachelorette/bachelor party but not really. More or less a ‘practice run’ or, more accurately, an excuse to get wasted!

And wasted I got! I danced my little heart out, gave myself some nasty blisters from my black cute shoes {shit, I hope they go away before the wedding!} and basically almost stripped for 20 bucks. Almost. We took a ridiculous amount ofΒ  ‘duck face‘ photos, and I kid you not the entire time I’ve been writing this post that song has been replying over and over again in my head. Which, you know, has made it pretty damn difficult for me to focus on finishing this post & also made it kind of all over the place and jumpy.

All in all; it was a wickedly fun weekend! I still feel like a mega dork for leaving at midnight, but I kid you not I was falling asleep standing up! I had been up since 6am with Nolan, and hadn’t fallen asleep until after 1am the day before {Friday}. Nolan’s 1st night was restless {he was in a new place, not at home etc}.

Next time, I’m going to make sure I get to sleep in the day of a party, you know…so I have actual energy to party.

At least I didn’t get drunk and go home after 15 minutes…this time, I stayed for roughly 3 hours πŸ˜‰

So there you have it! My duck face, fun-filled, kick ass weekend!


Wedding update:

I finally made it to the flower shop, and picked out the flowers. I can’t for the life of me remember the actual names; but my girls will be carrying orkids and so will I. I will have a bouquet. We’re looking at roughly $400 for what I originally picked out {including flowers for the ceremony etc}, but I’m going to go back {without a cranky toddler} and see if I can cut costs somewhere, because I wanted to keep it under $300 {and yes, I realize that I could just make ‘my own bouquet’ and save costs, but I’m telling you now that I am not crafty and I’m also not going to add another thing to my to-do list. Call me lazy if you’d like LOL!}.

There are 25 days until the wedding!

I still have to:

  • Finalize and put the down payment on our flowers.
  • Buy Nolan’s tux.
  • Buy the finger food for the reception.
  • Find a babysitter for Nolan {since JDC’s help will be needed in the kitchen…apparently}.
  • Make up the party favours.
  • Order the cake.

So, yeah…it’s not really a lot left to do. Things are finally starting to {slowly} come together. Tomorrow I have my dress fitting, and that should be interesting. I wonder how I’m going to manage with Nolan…who is now walking and running everywhere. Stroller maybe? He won’t be too impressed with that idea but I’d rather have him angry with me and safe in the stroller than toddling all over the dress shop, possibly causing damage to himself and the {super expensive!} dresses.

I can’t believe that there are only 25 days left.



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16 responses to “DUCK FACE!

  1. I’m so excited for you!!! I miss planning my wedding; even if most of it was taken over by my inlaws.

    • PFF, I wish someone else was planning things lmao! I suck at wedding planning, I have no clue what I’m doing. I sort of think I am getting ripped off by the flower shop {which is why I haven’t put the down payment off yet}. There stuff is beautiful but seems really…expensive? Only I don’t know 😦


      Thank you though! I am excited for the marriage part hehe! {And the gorgeous dress wearing part..}

  2. Other people’s babies always make me consider having more.

    And then I spend a few hours alone with mine and I’m cured.

  3. Miss.Words

    looks like it was a good time.

  4. Glad you had a wonderful time here, you must come visit again soon. Once I’m driving in September I’ll come down and visit!
    Love the earrings you got for your birthday! I miss Nolan, You and Matt already lol 😦
    love you much big sisterrrr. xoxo

    • I have been driving for 2 years and the 4 hour drive is hard on me sista, it’s a difficult one lmfao. BUT I will definitely be forcing myself to do it at least once this summer…lmao.

      Thank you lovely! I also love my earrings, heh. I miss you as well!! xoxo

  5. apandorabox

    OMG… only 25 days left.. i can’t believe how fast time has past…

  6. It is easier if the florists can just take care of it all, and hopefully even deliver! They’re pretty much guaranteed to be fresh and perfect that way. I look forward to hearing about your wedding.

  7. Haha….the duckface was great…and having the phone in the pic….perfect. Nolan…what a cutie. And I love the name. If Claire would have been a boy, she’d have been a Nolan!

  8. looks like fun, babe!

    and the red dress was a great choice in the end πŸ˜‰

  9. Gah, baby fever. I have it so bad, still! Every time I see my niece, my ovaries start begging me to get crackin’ on that baby. I just have to keep reminding myself of the house we want first that we don’t have yet!

    Glad your bridal shower and visit were so much fun!

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