Nolan & Bison

When we were down visiting family, Nolan got to hang out with Bison, my mother-in-law’s dog. Bison is a pretty hilarious dog, he loves to play ball & tug-a-war! He tried to engage Nolan in a game, but as you can see he had a little bit of difficultly being understood! He has better luck with Matt. Still, it was cute watching them {try} to interact!

My favourite part of this video? When Bison barks and scares the crap out of Nolan; Nolan’s expression was HILARIOUS.

Bison was more chill with Nolan than the dogs here are; they don’t like him touching them or being anywhere near them. Bison didn’t mind Nolan’s attempts at ‘petting’ or playing though. Poor Nolan keeps trying to cuddle with Shar {one of my step mother-in-law’s dogs} and gets no love {she runs away and begs to be let downstairs, away from the little monster}. I think it’s safe to say Nolan misses Bison!

P.S. I know…my voice is ROUGH. Forgive me, it was like 7am or some other ungodly hour.



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7 responses to “Nolan & Bison

  1. He’s walking like a champ now

  2. Blaine

    LOL! You sure have to give Bison credit for trying… and trying… and trying… and trying… (Energizer Bunny, much?)

    Love how Nolan just sat there looking at him, like ‘wtf, dog?’ and Bison was chewing on the ball. “See how much fun this ball is? COME AND GET IT!!!”

    Love it!

  3. thish ish sho cute! šŸ˜€

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