house plants + baby = frustration. TONS of frustration.

House plants + 14 month old = constant headache & frustration, in case you didn’t know.

The house plants are the reason why we kept Nolan ‘blocked off’ in the livingroom, so he couldn’t get into the dinning room and play in the plant dirt. It was an annoyance before we started to block him off, but when the cat decided she was going to use the plant dirt as her personal upstairs cat box {because apparently going all the way downstairs when she was upstairs was just too hard to do}, I needed a solution. Fast. At first, I tried tin foil. It kept {and still keeps} the cat out, but Nolan kept moving it and dumping {DIRTY} dirt all over the carpet. So, we put the coffee table on it’s side and blocked off Nolan’s access to the dinning room. It worked for a while, and works when it’s up, but I felt bad for keeping him so contained.

None of us even like the house plants. They are only still here because my FIL wants to take them to his new place {which he has been in for a week, I might add}. Every time I ask him when he’s going to take the house plants {and the vinyl records under the TV that Nolan likes to get into…I might add} he gets mad. So I don’t ask.

I get frustrated when Nolan doesn’t listen, because I know he knows what ‘no’ and ‘don’t touch’ means. Heck, last week when I decided {I’m freakin’ crazy okay?} to let Nolan loose in the livingroom and dinning room, he listened immediately when I said ‘don’t touch’ and ‘no’. I was so proud, he’d hear my warnings and avoid the plants completely. He’d hear me say ‘no, don’t touch that’ and stop touching whatever it was that he was touching.

But this week? This week he’s decided to act as if he can’t hear me or has no idea what ‘no’ and ‘don’t touch’ means. It’s extremely frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to vacuum up plant dirt each day, or try to arrange my FIL’s vinyl records. I’m at my wit’s end.

I know, kids don’t listen, I get that. It’s not even that he’s not listening so much as these are things that shouldn’t even still be here, things that if they were staying here I would have insisted we found a new home for them. Well, the vinyl records at least. Vinyls are something I can’t afford to replace. And the plants have always been a pain in the ass – between Nolan and the cat, and the fact that they take up so much space.

Clearly, I’m not a plant person. Or a vinyl record person.

So, to give myself a little break from going insane, I’ve blocked Nolan back into the livingroom. He can still get at the vinyls {and attempts to every. five. minutes} but at least I’m not bringing out the vacuuming a billion times a day. I’ve talked to Matt and since he has a day off he’s going to help me move the plants downstairs & pack up the vinyl records.

At this point, I don’t care if my FIL gets upset. He’s taking both the records and the plants anyway, apparently ‘as soon as possible’, so why should it matter if they’re packed up in a box {or in the plants’ case, moved downstairs} or left up here? Up here just makes me go crazy. This mama doesn’t like going crazy, and things like my toddler throwing plant dirt that could possibly still have cat yuckies in it & breaking into the very expensive record collection makes me crazy.

A part of me feels guilty for wanting to pack up the records and move the plants downstairs. I’m worried that my FIL will get upset and think I’m not being understanding of what he’s going through with the divorce, but I am. I just know my limit, and my limit can not put up with plant dirt and records much longer.

It’s funny how the little things make us crazy, isn’t it? I’m sure that once we remove the plants and records, Nolan will find something else to drive me crazy with, but I’m confident it won’t be like this. At least I won’t worry that he’s ruining irreplaceable vinyl records, or playing with cat shit, right?


Anywho, moving along. Last night Matt had two friends over for drinks. I attempted to have a drink {it was freakin’ nasty} and then went to bed around midnight, exhausted. I can’t do this whole party scene anymore, it blows my mind that Matt can. Matt, who is up at 5am working a really physically demanding job outside in the hot heat all day long, can party better than me.

It’s sad.

Although, when I get drunk, I don’t puke.

So, take that.

The mess they left was pretty hilarious, but I had it cleaned up within the hour. I find it amusing that I don’t mind cleaning up after Matt, but get absolutely irate when I have to clean up after other people. Funny huh? The way I see it: he works hard for us, for our family, so it’s the least I can do.

I still haven’t gotten a chance to clean up the breakfast mess, because Nolan is being pretty high maintenance as of late {getting into everything the moment I avert my eyes…sigh. Such fun} but Matt should be home from the errands I sent him on any minute. Then I’m going to finish cleaning, grab something to eat and go to the flower shop to pay our deposit! I can’t wait to get out of the house by myself for a few minutes. This whole plant/record thing has been driving me up the wall the past week and I need a quick break. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, I know I’ll feel refreshed and happy afterwards. I always do!

This weekend we have tons of plans so I’m sure I’ll be back with something lighthearted and wonderful about how great life is. Right now, I needed that rant to get these frustrations out. You know, since ‘other options’ aren’t available this week.  🙂


Seriously, being a woman sucks.

And also: plants suck.

{side note: white cheddar mac & cheese DOES NOT suck, it rocks.}



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2 responses to “house plants + baby = frustration. TONS of frustration.

  1. i LOVE white chedder mac n cheeeeeese 🙂 also? stop feeling guilty woman! we feel the guilt way too much!

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