the trip down

I made it! It was a long {and at times, hard} drive but I did it! I deserve some kind of cookie or metal or something. About an hour into the drive, I was bored out of my skull but when we neared the halfway point I got my second wind & even started to enjoy myself again! The freedom of driving, of doing it BY MYSELF was liberating! Like, not take your bra off & burn it liberating, but…close enough 😉

Nolan slept until nearly the halfway point, then he quietly ate cookies & crackers in the back seat for about an hour. There was a lot of traffic during the last hour stretch though, due to construction.

But, the drive wasn’t nerve-racking at all. I mean, it was long but it wasn’t NERVE racking. I love the drive, I love the huge rolling hills & the greenery. I love the lakes & the cute little villages.

I meant to stop at the halfway point, but I missed the exit so we kept driving. Nolan’s diaper was dry & he wasn’t fussing. 🙂

We arrived in ‘this neck of the woods’ around 3:00, but construction set me back about 45 minutes. So, the drive took 4 and a half hours!
We breaked at Shannon’s for a bit, because Kimmer’s was still working & I wanted to see my adorable nephew. I got to hang out with him {and Nolan!} for a bit while Shannon took her dog to the vets to get her shots up to date. Xander LOVES his big cousin Nolan; he couldn’t take his gorgeous little eyes off Nolan! Xander tried to snuggle & cuddle with him; it was so adorable & hilarious!

Its been a busy day & I’m tired. I miss Matt already…I KNOW right? But I promise, its truly practical reasons. Like having that extra pair of hands for Nolan. And for help unloading & loading up the car…

But yeah. So; bottom line is the drive down was quite enjoyable. Long, kind of boring at times, but not at all nerve-racking {except for when I got off at the wrong exit…sigh}.

I’m stoked because this morning before we left, Matt, Nolan & I went to the flower shop & FINALLY paid the deposit on our flowers!! We managed to knock down the price too, simply by switching up my bridesmaids’ flowers! I kept my bouquet the same, at Matt’s insistence.

I can’t believe that we’re getting married in 17 days. Every day that passes by, I get a little bit closer to marrying the love of my life!! But now that its ‘crunch time’, I’ve been mourning the pass of each day, just a little bit. Mourning the fact that yet another day has passed & I don’t feel NEARLY as far along in the whole planning business as I want to be.

I want to have the decorating supplies purchased, the flowers completely paid off, the finger food for the reception bought & stashed in a freezer. I thought I would have all my party favor supplies purchased too. So, I’m not nearly at the stage of planning I thought I’d be at this point, you know?

But still, I’m bloody excited!

And this post has carried on WAY longer than I intended. I’m exhausted & its all catching up with me!

later gators!

P.S as I’m posting from my BlackBerry I really can’t be held accountable for any spelling/grammatical errors! Don’t hate me, I’m exhausted & my brain is half off!



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8 responses to “the trip down

  1. I can’t believe you type out these entries on your blackberry – that’s pretty amazing. i get frustrated after a 3 line email on my phone. LOL

    Really glad you made it down – I was worried but I’m glad it was a good drive. You DO deserve a cookie, Mama. See you FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cri

    I’m glad your drive was good! Have fun hanging with the fam!

  3. Tamara

    glad to hear the drive went well and it’s better having to face construction as opposed to crappy weather lol…have a fun time on your trip!

  4. WOW! I could never do that from my blackberry! Very cute post and congrats on your wedding! 🙂

  5. so happy the drive down went smoothly, and that nolan did so great 🙂

    have fun and try to relax with your family and friends and enjoy your time away- you totally deserve it.

    and EEEEP! seventeen days! so exciting

  6. I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

  7. You deserve the biggest cookie of all! Chocolate chip? Kudos for making it past the half way point and having the motivation to keep going!

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