another blackberry update!!

Yep, its time for yet another BlackBerry update! Because I apparently have a freakish talent for typing out long winded posts on my BlackBerry πŸ˜‰ heh. It does take me QUITE some time to do, but that’s ok. Nolan is napping & there isn’t much else to do at this point! I’m just kicking back & having a cuppa tea. πŸ™‚

Nolan & I spent the last two days with my sister, Kate, and yesterday we took Nolan to our other sisters house to hang out. It was awesome getting to chill with Shannon & Kate again, its been so long since we could let loose & just be silly {& by be silly, I totally mean rough house & hack into each others facebook accounts to write silly, immature statuses. Heh. Well, my facebook wasn’t hacked, since I didn’t leave my BlackBerry laying around. But still, fun!}

In the late afternoon we decided to take the babies swimming – and did! It was great fun. Nolan had a blast this time around. Last time I took him swimming, he was four months & not feeling it. This time, the pool was 80 degrees! He had such fun watching his Aunties & Uncle Nelly swimming, & Xander too! I have a feeling they’re gonna be tight cousins. Xander looks up so much to Nolan! His little face lights up whenever he comes around. Its adorable! Nolan’s pretty taken with Xander too, out of all the babies in our family Xander is the only one he really interacts with & even kisses!

I should have taken some pictures by the pool, but the thought didn’t even occur to me until much later. It is HOT in Southern Ontario right now, and the only thing on my mind was cooling off in a pool!

So, that was a fun outing! Kate & I drove back to her house {with Nolan} and then had a yummy chicken leg dinner that Kevin BBQ’d. Soo good! Nolan wasn’t into it though. He just wanted toast with cream cheese and some fresh raspberries from Auntie Kate’s raspberry bush.

That evening {yesterday evening}, Kate had baseball & Kevin had to go to the gym so my mom came over to hang out with me. We chatted for a bit, & she gave me my package from Flirty Aprons! Yup, my gorgeous aprons are finally here! I will have to take pictures of me wearing them when I look a little…better haha. We watched CSI when Kate & Kevin got home, then mom left and we all went to bed.

This morning since both Kate & Kevin are working, I decided to call up Kim & see what she was doing. I’m going to be spending the rest of my nights here…my moms house is a little too crowded for my liking right now with Jo-Jo and her friends {not that that is a bad thing, just that I prefer less people around LOL}. Kim & I went to visit Kim’s mom, Nolan’s great-nana. We stayed there until noonish, hanging out & visiting while Kody {Matt’s brother; Kim’s youngest} worked on a patio for Kim’s mom. Nolan was absolutely hilarious, his great-nana’s house is soo stylish & full of beautiful decor & textures. Nolan kept walking around feeling the different textures in the area rugs, chairs, & sofas.

I told Kim’s mom that she had to come to my future house & help me decorate it; she’s so great at it! Seriously, she’s the most stylish great-nana I know! Most of her decor is modern contemporary, with some animal prints scattered about. I seriously should have taken pictures!

Anyway, that was our last two days!

And in other news; when I woke up this morning I SORTA had a mini-panic attack. There are only FOURTEEN days left until the wedding people. FOURTEEN. There is still a ton of crap that needs to be done. I’m trying to relax & just breath, but I’m worried about not having enough money again. I’m worried that somethings gonna come up that I wasn’t expecting.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to be okay, but I’m told this whole ‘freaking out over fears of things going wrong’ thing is normal in brides. But despite that knowledge I can’t seem to stop the nervous knots from expanding! Frustrating much?

Don’t get me wrong I am SO excited to marry Matt! I’m just worried about money & how the actual day is going to go.

Fourteen days.
Holy freakin’ shit.



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2 responses to “another blackberry update!!

  1. Blaine

    Okay. So first: Stop. Take a deep breath. And another. Think of something calming. (Hot cup of tea, good book.) HARNESS THAT SOOTHING ENERGY.

    Try to feel that way when you think about the wedding stuff. Everything will happen as it is supposed to happen. Maybe a few things will have to be changed on the fly, or won’t work out. The more flexible you can be, the better your day will be. Just go with the flow, if someone forgets a decoration, it isn’t the end of the world, since at the end of the day, YOU WILL BE MARRIED!!!! πŸ˜€

    Those fears are completely normal, as are nightmares, although I hope you don’t have any.

    Go over everything in your head. Write it out if necessary. Cross or check off what’s done. Put the stuff that isn’t into a new list, and ask yourself if the stress of getting it done is necessary. (Adding extra decorations isn’t as important as making sure people have the right rings/license/dress/etc.) Although at my cousins wedding, they held it 5 hours away from their house, and forgot the rings. They got married anyway, and exchanged rings when they got home. πŸ˜€
    Technically the only things you need are you and Matt, the officiant, and a couple of witnesses.

    Your wedding will be great, and if some little details don’t get done, you won’t even notice. Hope you can find a way to relax a bit. πŸ™‚

  2. I understand the whole nervous feeling but just remember that even if stuff isn’t perfect, and everything gets ruined, at the end of the day, you’ll still be married to Matt and in 70 years that one day’s little details won’t mean as much as the whole point of the wedding. I’m sooooo excited for you though and I can’t wait to see pictures! πŸ™‚

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