Nine. Freakin’. Days.

Excuse me while I shit myself. {Figuratively, not literally…}

In nine days, I will be walking down the aisle and marrying the love of my life. *GULP*. I’m nervous, I’m shitting with excitment, and I’m sort of getting a wee bit anxious.

You see, I still have things that I need to do {and figure out, for that matter}. I definitely thought at this point that I would be finished with planning and needing to do wedding related stuff. Silly me huh? Well, maybe if I didn’t take off for a week…I wouldn’t be so anxious now, when the countdown is blinking NINE DAYS in my face and my to-do list seems over whelming.

Ah, irony. She’s a bitch, that one.

But, surprisingly? I’m not that bad. Or at least, I don’t think I’m that bad. I could be worse, I could be a hell of a lot worse. But I’m…okay.

Yesterday evening I went over to my sister-in-law’s house to talk about centerpieces. We finally worked out what we’re going to do for my centerpieces & now I have a clearer few in my head. Nat also offered to take on the decorating part for me, so tonight I’m going to go over and give her some money to buy the rest of the decorations. I bought four vases and two packages of tealights today, but obviously that’s not enough. We talked about going to a grocery store Friday morning and buying bouquets from there to decorate. I personally think it’s a good idea; it’s cheaper, that’s for damn sure, and I don’t really care about having all the same flowers or whatever. I just want it to look semi-nice, without going over my budget of $100.

That’s where Nat’s going to come into play. She’s back in the swing of things, having settled into her new home and new mama role. Her little one is also now sleeping throughout the night {lucky biotch, Nolan didn’t do that until he was like 4 months…sigh}.

We’re going to put black stones at the bottom of the vases, fill it with water and use food colouring to dye the water purple. Then we’ll put the tealights on top. Sounds pretty, right? Using bouquets from the grocery store, we’ll decorate the guest book/gift table and the party favor table.

Tomorrow, I’m going to hit up Bulk Barn for candies and then put together my candy favor boxes, so they are ready. {I’ll need to do this either before or after my meeting with the job counsellor! Fingers crossed for that guys; I need me a job!}.

Friday I am going to Sobey’s to order our wedding cake. Yes, you read right: Sobey’s. I’m ordering a slab cake that will feed about 100 people. It will be pretty plain, white icing…maybe some purple accents, vanilla cake. But you know what? I don’t even care. Besides, Nat’s helping, Nat’s got a good eye for this kind of thing. I’m leaving it in her hands and backing away slowly 😉

On Monday, I’ll do the grocery shopping. I need burgers and buns and drinks for our rehersal BBQ Thursday night, and I need to buy some finger foods for the reception. I also want to have water and some pop there for those who aren’t drinking {like myself! Although I’m sure I’ll have a few shots haha}.

I think on Tuesday {or maybe it’s Wednesday….I’ll have to call her and find out} Mandy will be in town. I’m so excited! I haven’t seen Mandy since we were both in grade seven! Crazy huh? That’s like forever ago!

And I also need to get my ass moving on the reception playlist. This is where you lovely guys come in: I need suggestions for good dance songs! Slow and fast, new and old. I’m at a loss here! Leave your suggestions in the comments or, if you’d like to, you could also email them to me {thebottlechronicles AT gmail DOT com}.

I also need to find out how we’re going to play our music. I know that my FIL suggested we use his really good iPod docking station, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be loud enough. I think I’ll put Matt in charge of this one, since he’s more into the whole electronic stuff.

So, yeah, there you have it. This is where we are right now, with nine days until the wedding. I’m stressing a bit, yes, but so excited. I can’t wait for it to be OVER with! I know how that sounds, but the pressure of a wedding is just too much for little old me. I definitely won’t miss this, I’ll be glad when the day is here and we’re married. Then nothing else will matter!

Nine days. Jebus, the more I think about it, the more my stomach does nervous flips.

I can’t wait!



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14 responses to “Nine. Freakin’. Days.

  1. I’m helping Mike’s brother’s fiancee plan her wedding, so I’ve actually thought about this a lot recently.

    I know it’s cheesy, but nothing gets people onto the dance floor quicker than Ice, Ice, Baby and Baby Got Back. I’ve been to TONS of weddings and these two songs are guaranteed to get people dancing. I also think a little Gaga would be good to get people to dance, especially (obviously) Just Dance, but Bad Romance would work too.

    Don’t Stop Believing and Living on A Prayer will make people stand in a group with their arms around each other and shout the lyrics, although I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

  2. apandorabox

    well….. our traditions are too different for me to be of a lot of help…
    i suggest the macarena, YMCA (and some 80s classics…)… and salsa songs (we dance a lot here… like too much…)

    if you’re looking for “during dinner” music, go for the love classics, sinatra, celine dion (yes, i like celine dion…), and all those lovey gooey type of songs…

  3. 1- the glass vases with dyed water is SUCH a cute idea!
    2- i love that you’re doing everything on a budget, and unconventionally (i.e. a rehearsal bbq? BRILLIANT, a slab cake= amazing!)
    3- you’re not drinking at your wedding!? ARE YOU INSANE?!

    also, last weekend i went to my brother & sister-in-law’s stag & doe party… and the last song the DJ played was don’t stop believing – journey, EVERYONE in the room (old & young) got up, sang every single word, and threw their fists in the air, while hugging and dancing and all had our arms around each other- … epic ending to an awesome night.

    in terms of actual good dancing songs- i’ll get back to you on that one… i’m doing LOTS of dancing at my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party in montreal this weekend so i’ll take mental notes! i’ll also ask around and see what other people suggest!


    • 1. Thanks!!! Got that suggestion from my SIL, heh.
      2. Haha, I know..we’re cheap. And awesome 😉
      3. It’s NOT an open bar lmfao, but I’m sure SOME people will buy me drinks so maybe I will have a bit to drink…if not I’m too cheap to buy anything lmfao!

      awwh that’s sooo cute lmfao! And thank you ELLE!

  4. Litzia

    I read a lot of posts today because I hadnt been able to do it before. So im reading that there are just 9 days till the wedding!! cool!!

    For the music I think the iPod its fine, but you need a couple of big or medium speakers and a cable to connect the iPod to them, so the sound will came loud.

    Good luck 🙂

  5. We had Westlife – I wanna grow old with you (here’s the lyrics if you want them for our first dance, I can’t really remember what else was played, it’s been a while since I got married. Your decorations sound really cute, just one question though do tealights float? I may have it completely wrong from what you wrote, but to me it sounded like you wanted the tea lights to float. We had tealights on the tables in little glasses, good luck with everything, and just remember whatever doesn’t get done, doesn’t really matter it’s all about You and Matt and Nolan. Hugs Crystal xx

  6. I’m so excited for you!!

    I can’t think of any slow songs right now. Maybe “She’s Like the Wind”? (This is clearly only because I just watched Dirty Dancing. I’ll come back if I think of any others!)

  7. I love your vases with the dyed water idea! That’s going to be so cute!

    The cake idea is awesome. Honestly, nobody cares if you have a slab cake or a tiered cake. In fact, a slab cake will probably taste better! LOL!

    It’s also nice that you have someone helping you, it might not seem like that big of a deal to her, but when you have 40 million other things to do, it’s nice just have those little things taken care of! I hope I have friends who will step up like that for me!

    Good luck sweetie! everything is going to work out great!

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