The rest of the trip & some pictures

I’ve been MIA from the blogging world {save for a few BlackBerry updates} for a week now. It feels weird. I’ve missed it…but I’ve also been enjoying the ‘break’, so to speak.

I’ve already written about the trip down, my visits with two of my hilarious sisters, and a post basically freaking out about the upcoming wedding {NINE DAYS PEOPLE. I’M SHITTING MYSELF}. But there are still a lot of things that I need to {okay, WANT to} blog about. I think I’m going to have to divide some of these posts up though.

This post is going to be about the rest of my trip down to Southern Ontario. I’ll be sure to write a separate post freaking out about the wedding, PROMISE.

The night before Papa’s 80th and my Uncle’s 50th party, my cousins came down from Western Ontario. Karen, Daren, the boys, Joel, Mel and little Chloe-bear. I haven’t seen Karen’s boys in a while, and it’s been forever since I saw Daren, Mel, Joel and Chloe. Last time we were all together was Christmas people, CHRISTMAS! So I took Nolan over that evening after dinner for a quick visit. He got to hang out with his baby cousins and get cuddles from everybody, then I took him home and put him to bed. Once he was asleep, I went back to Shannon’s so I could hang out with everyone. It was hilarious good times; my dad showed up, and an Uncle I haven’t seen in a while {not the one who was celebrating his 50th, a different one}.

I think one of the suckiest part about everyone being so far away is that we miss out on hanging out together. I know I’m kind of biased, but I really do have an amazing family. Our personalities are all so different, and when we come together for a family reunion type occasion, it’s hilarious. MTV would die to have us on their station. Serious.

Well, maybe not me but my family; that’s for damn sure.

Anyway, it wasn’t a late night: I knew I had to be up early the next morning to get myself and Nolan ready for the party at my Granny’s. When I went to leave, my dad walked me to my car and we got to talk for a bit, which was great. I miss him a lot, since he’s not really a phone person. Heh.

Saturday {July 1oth} was my Papa’s 80th/my Uncle’s 50th birthday bash. Several family members I haven’t seen in years were there, and it was an awesome time to hang out and catch up. My Aunt Doris made these ridiculously yummy skor/cracker/cream cheese square dessert treats that I seriously could not stay away from. I think I had like 8 or something like that {I know, don’t tell my ass okay?}. I am waiting on Shannon to give me the recipe, then I will attempt to bake my own batch.

My Aunt Doris also made adorable pumpkin knitted hats for the new batch of wee ones in our family. We had a bit of a baby boom: four of them last year alone, plus the newest addition…FIVE babies in the past two years, crazy huh? Luckily, they are all so adorable! I have a ridiculously cute picture of them all wearing the pumpkin hats, but I’m not sure how some of my cousins feel about having pictures of their wee ones on the Internet so you’ll have to take my word for it: SUPER CUTE.

So, it was a good time…lots of conversation, lots of pictures {230 to be exact…I know, I’m bad} and Nolan had such fun racing around my grandparent’s backyard. He also had a blast seeing all his Aunties and Uncles and grandparents from ‘down South’! He’s so spoiled, and he knows it.

The next day, Sunday, was a super busy day for me. Nolan and I hung out with my dad, and then went to visit some friends of the family. Then, after I bathed Nolan and put him to bed, I went to visit JD. It was pretty awesome getting to see her after so long! The last time we hung out, I’m pretty sure Nolan was only a couple of months old. Yeah, that’s bad eh? This time, she had the baby belly.

We went for drinks at Tim Hortons, chatted it up, then went to my parent’s house so I could grab my photo album my Granny made me. We talked with my mom for a bit, then headed back to JD’s neck of the woods. When we were driving by McDonalds, she pointed out that a guy we had both gone to school with {and were friends with} was working, so we stopped in to say hello. It’s so surreal and kind of amusing seeing people you used to be friends with in high school, before life got crazy and busy and we all went our separate ways into our separate lives. It’s surreal to swap stories of how our lives are going and shake our heads at how crazy it all seems. It feels like just yesterday we were sitting in English class, cracking jokes together and being completely blissfully unaware of what life was all about. Now I have a baby & I’m getting married, JD is about to have a baby, and Josh is…well, still Josh! Heh.

Monday morning my mom and sister stopped in for a bit, then my dad came over after they had gone to also say his goodbyes. I loaded up the car and drove home with Nolan. It’s such a long drive, a boring long drive when there is nobody to talk to {Nolan was sleeping for most of it}. The drive home was a little harder because it was pouring rain for half of it, but still…it wasn’t too too bad.

Nolan was so excited to see his daddy, and so was I! We had an easy, lazy night and ordered pizza for dinner because nobody wanted to cook.

So, that was my trip! Condensed, of course, because it would take me all day to write every little detail. This took long enough, nearly two hours!

I’m glad I got a chance to see people I’ve been missing again; it’s been far too long. I need to start making monthly trips down! I didn’t get to see a couple of people that I really wanted to see, which sucked but hey…that’s life. I definitely do need to start getting down there more, Xander is almost grown up {well, kinda} and I’ve missed out on a lot…I don’t want to miss out on a lot!

I needed that trip. I needed to see my family and escape for a little while, I miss them all. It was good for me; it recharged me and now I’m ready to take on the world!



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4 responses to “The rest of the trip & some pictures

  1. “I know, don’t tell my ass okay?”… hahahah, STORY OF MY LIFE!

    so glad you got to escape and see your family, lover. you DEFINITELY needed the break. but i’m gonna go ahead and be selfish and say that i’m glad to have you back! i’ve missed you!


  2. miss.words

    lol i so wish i had been there. i think im the only one that missed it. sucks living so far away. yeah auntie Doris’s goodies are great. i got spoiled at Christmas with them. and i love the hats. i emailed her and told her i want three one for Tristan Gavin and myself lol i know im a nerd. glad you got to see everyone πŸ™‚

  3. So glad you had a good time. It was good talking to you today, even if it was only for a little bit!

  4. OMG! Nolan’s cuteness quotient has seriously hit the roof. πŸ™‚
    July 10th is my brother’s birthday and since he’s moved cities, I caught up with him. I love catching up with family after a long time of being away. So much fun! πŸ™‚

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