8 Days, wedding talk, and a little disappointment…

Matt and I were tossing the idea of moving out around. Our own place just sounds so appealing right about now. It’s not that it’s absolutely horrible living here, because it’s not, but we just want our place, yanno?

We have enough for first and last saved up, but I don’t know if Matt will qualify for E.I in September, since he’ll be going to school. I also don’t know if I’ll continue to get ODSP after March. They may decide that I don’t need it, because they’re going to do another review on me and my disability. So, there’s a possibility that I could lose that.

And, while although I plan on getting a job as soon as humanly possible, I don’t yet have that job. So I can’t keep living off the ‘well maybe if I’…s’, because that’s how we got into trouble last time around. We thought we could afford it; but we couldn’t. We jumped in too soon and set ourselves back.

Part of me though? Part of me is still desperately shouting out to just get that apartment. {I saw one that I really love that is perfect for us and ‘in our price range’ of what we want to pay…}. But I know that’s not possible….because the future is so uncertain right now. I don’t want to end up stuck in the same super shitty situation we were stuck in before: we could afford rent and Nolan’s monthly expenses, but that was it. We barely had money left over for groceries for the two of us and certainly didn’t have any left over to treat ourselves.

So the plan? Suck it up buttercup…at least until the spring. Matt will have one year of school under his belt and be going back to work for the Masonry company he works with now. Until then, we’ll be saving.

And there is one tiny debt that I still need to repay: as soon as I get ahold of someone from that collection agency. Don’t even get me started on how ridiculously ticked off I am about how I’m literally chasing down someone to give them my money, hah.

So, yeah. I know I mentioned on Twitter a few times that I was looking at places and then that I had found our dream apartment, but…I’m just going to have to back away from Kijiji for a while.

I need to focus on the tasks at hand; the wedding, finding a job, that kind of thing. There are 8 days until the wedding, but don’t worry! Plans are tying up nicely. I already mentioned what we were going to do for the centerpieces {and asked for suggestions for a reception playlist}, and now I’ll update with what we’re doing for the party favors!

We’ve decided to do a candy buffet, kind of like the one pictured above…only with purple, white and black candies! YUM!

So tomorrow’s wedding-related tasks are fun ones: get the candy, test out all the flavors {you know, to make sure that they aren’t posionous…}, and buy some more round mirrors and floating candles for the centerpieces!!! 🙂 We’re basically relying on tons of candle light, & using the round mirrors to acheive a reflective candlelight glow…it should be very romantic and intimate {or at least that’s what I’m aiming for!}.

Friday afternoon {at 4:30} I have my ‘trial hair’ appointment, to discuss what I want my hair to look like. I’m freaking out: I don’t want to spend the extra $60 bucks to have her actually DO it and see if it looks good, but I also don’t want to NOT spend it and then find out on the DAY of my wedding that it does not look good at all. That will break my heart.

So, to get the trial hair do or to not get it…that is the question. {Note: I will probably end up DOING, because I so don’t want to fly blind on the wedding day…}

Saturday I will be taking a wee little half-day break from all this wedding planning stuff, Nolan and I have a date at the baby group. And if the weather is nice, we’re going to the beach since the Shadflies are finally gone and so is The Itch {which you get from swimming in the water with the shadflies decomposing…YUCK}.

Monday I will start grocery shopping for the reception finger foods. That should be my last task before we start putting everything {food, decorations} together. It’s going to be a crazy busy week!!! I will be running around with my head cut off, like seriously CUT OFF…boo. Oh well, luckily I have TONS of help, so there is that!

Mandy is getting into town on Wednesday. I am SO EXCITED you don’t even know! I haven’t seen my lady friend since grade seven! It’s ridiculous!!

So, there are some random and not-so-random updates for y’all. I hope you enjoyed my pathetic attempt at blogging, I am just so drained from today.

P.S. I am getting married in a week. Holy shit.



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12 responses to “8 Days, wedding talk, and a little disappointment…

  1. Tamara

    i know how much it sucks to want to be able to get your own place (i did the whole living with family during my first two years of college) and i wanted sooooo badly to be able to move out on my own, but i knew i couldn’t afford it and i had to just accept it….just keep in mind that one day (soon!) you will be able to do that–it’s better to stick with what you have and continue to save up until you don’t have to question whether or not it’s a good idea…it will be worth it.

    i love the candy buffet idea!! and of course you have to test it to make sure it’s ok!!

    and yes the next few days will be crazy and hectic, but it’s all worth it. the craziness is leading up to something way awesome and you will get through it!

    good luck

  2. My friend had a candy buffet and it was a hit. I loved that there were options besides chocolate, which I don’t usually like. It’s economical and fun.

    And I would totally pay the $60 and make sure you like the hairstyle! You don’t want to have a meltdown on your wedding day because your hair looks bad, you’ll be more relaxed going into it knowing you’ll look good

  3. Love the candy idea! So is the whole reception gonna be mostly candle-lit?

  4. Please try the hair. After all this planning if your hair is styled like a nest and you have too much product on it, it will be just plain sad. So, never mind the extra money, it’s better than crying your eyes out and freaking out on the morning of the wedding itself…
    I love the candy buffet idea. It’s so purty 😀

  5. a candy buffet!! how FUN! super cute idea mama, and i’m stoked to see the finished product 🙂

    i say go for the hair appt- you’re right, you don’t want to have a vision in your head, and then come the day of the wedding you realize it didn’t look at all like you had invisioned. have you decided what you want? up-do? half up-do? down? either way i’m sure you’ll look beautiful.

    good luck with everything! and you know you can bbm me any time with your frustrations (or triumphs!) through next week’s planning!


    • As am I!!! I want a half up half down do I think, curls. Maybe. I dunno! It’s so difficult to pick. Everyone puts their hair up, but I have that tattoo on my back that isn’t exactly gorgeous {still needs A LOT of work} so yeah.

      Thanks doll: I more than likely will!! xoxo

  6. I want my own place so bad, too, but you have to keep asking yourself, “Is this realistic? Can I afford this and then some?” I so can’t wait to move in with Mike, but I’m trying really hard to be realistic about it so that I don’t end up broke and deprived of good things (like Reeses and video games).

    That candy buffet is a really cool idea. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that. I bet it’s going to look really nice, with all of the matching candy colors!

    Thinking of you and sending positive wedding vibes your way. I’m so excited for you!


    • Which is what I did 😦 should have never asked myself if it was realisitic lmfao! Just kidding. I’m glad we REALLY thought it through, even silly little details like how much laundry will cost each month {$1 a load adds up!}

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