of carousels and merry go rounds

holding the ticket; waiting for the train to come!

wee bit of a bum shot. haha. almost.

beautiful pondering boy.

the carousel! tons of fun. {note Matt in the mirror taking a photo…}

I love that you can see me in his sunglasses…

not so awesome picture of me, but alas…I’m happy with my boys.

It was windy at the beach, like really windy, so windy that I had a few dress malfunctions and ended up showing my panties to a few different people. Good times.

We were going to play on the beach, but it was just too windy and I predicted many a more pantie shots. Which, you know, is kinda okay…but not really. Instead we walked around a bit and hit up a chip truck from some fries {not such a good idea; since it spoiled our dinner…which was a yummy chicken pesto alfredo made by Matt & I}. Many brides were taking their wedding photos at the waterfront, and Matt said I am so excited to marry you in six days, as we walked past them. My heart fluttered a bit; I still can’t believe we’re finally getting hitched in six days. On Monday; it will be four, and I will be super busy running around so time will go by even faster.

Sunday is going to be another day of ‘rest’, save for tracking down white Christmas lights. I was hoping we could go to the beach but the weather might not be very nice. Instead I’m going to beg Matt to come swimming with Nolan and I at the community indoor pool. Hopefully he says yes, I want to check out how much a membership is and if there are any toddler swimming lessons.

So; today turned out to be great. I just had to give it a chance πŸ™‚

Tonight will also be great. On the agenda; a shower {for me, while Matt puts Nolan to bed}, a movie, and tons of junk food and cuddles. Oh, and maybe I’ll do a few loads of laundry.

Speaking of laundry, I’m sort of freaking out. Matt offered to put Nolan’s tux in the washing machine, and I told him he had to wash the black and white seperately {duh}. He didn’t. He told me he tossed them all in together and it will be fine, so I’m freaking out. What if the black bleeds onto the white shirt? He didn’t bother telling me until it was far too late to do anything about it. GAWD. Men. But I’m trying not to let that stress me out or ruin my good mood… ::deep breath::

Ya. It’s not working.



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10 responses to “of carousels and merry go rounds

  1. Cri

    ahhhh! i hope the tux is ok!! also swimming lessons for kids is awesome, i wanna see if there’s a baby one for next year πŸ˜€

  2. I like that picture of you! You look happy.

  3. new to your blog….adorable pics of your baby boy!

  4. such beautiful family pictures! and i love your dress & little grey headband… sooo cute.

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