Today was supposed to be my ‘day of leisure’, so to speak. I wasn’t going to freak out about the wedding stuff I still have to do, and I was just going to take it easy and hang out with Nolan. WELL. Some shit happened, and it put me in a foul mood, and while although Nolan and I still hung out, I was cranky because of the shit that happened in the morning. {Don’t worry, I put it behind me for him, but STILL}.

I offered to drive Housemate to the bus station, only it ended up taking way longer than expected. So, that was irritating. She ended up forgetting her ID and I almost had to drive home but she found some paper in her bag with her student number so all was good. Still, in the moment I was super frustrated because I felt like I was never going to get to the baby group with Nolan!

Then to make matters even more awesome, Matt and I got into a huge argument because I felt that he was brushing off precious family time together just because he was hungover from last night {he went to his buddy’s house for a night of drinking and D&D…heh}. So, that wasn’t too cool either. I was really hoping he’d go with Nolan and I to the baby group. But he wouldn’t stop throwing up, the big jerk. Hah. No seriously, he tried to come but while we were waiting for Housemate to get her shit together at the station, he had to jump out of the car and puke in the bushes. Nasty stuff.

I think I got so irritated because in my opinion; if you can’t function the next morning after a night of drinking, don’t drink. We are parents, after all. I remember all too clearly any time that I’ve gotten drunk off my face, I’ve gotten up in the morning at a reasonable time. Even if Matt did allow me to sleep in, I was up by 10am. Hells, last time I got drunk off my face I had to wake up at 6am while Matt got to sleep in until 11! Figure that one out.

Anyways, so that was one of the main reason for my stubborn attitude in this fight. He couldn’t understand why I was being such a bitch, he was throwing up after all. But I was sticking to the ‘if you can’t handle the next morning, don’t drink’ mind-set.

I dropped him off at home and went to Tims to snag breakfast for myself and a French Vanilla, since I was hungry. That melted away some of my crankiness. Go figure, eh?

The baby play group was fun, although we only stayed there for like 20 minutes…if that. Nolan was super tired, hadn’t had lunch yet and I still had to run to the bank. If I didn’t have to drive two people {housemate and Matt} back and forth from across each end of town, we could have had more time together there. As it was, we were rushed to get home and get lunch into his little belly before he passed out.


Anyways, so, not so great morning. I’m putting the blame entirely on the dogs’…since they kept me up basically all night being completely high maintenance little jerks. Seriously, howling at 3am for a bathroom break AND chewwees. Not cool. These two dogs are turning me strictly into a cat person, for reals. My cat? SUCH low maintenance, it’s awesome. And she’s super fun. These dogs? PAINS IN MY ASS. Yesterday, after coming home from my errands I had to clean up YET ANOTHER mess made by one of them who decided to get into the garbage and drag it all over the house because she was bored without her partner in crime {who was spending the night with my FIL}.


And now, onto better things…a sneak peek of what my hair is going to look like on my wedding day!

No face shots, unfortunately! It gives away way too much of my pretty tiara, heh. Not to mention, the only shot I got from the front was after I came home and Nolan decided to re-style it. So, yeah.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to keep my distance from El Destruct-o on my wedding day 😦 at least until after the wedding photos are done. He’s way too into the grabbing and destroying of nicely done hair.

So there you have it; what I’ve been doing the past two days, since the last time I updated.

Tonight Matt and I have the house to ourselves for the first time in a very long time {sans Nolan, who will be sleeping hah}. I’m going to lock the doors to keep out my cousin-in-law just in case, even though I know she isn’t even in town. HAH. I rented Remember Me and we’re so watching it.

And hopefully my darling son and fiance – SOON TO BE HUSBAND IN SIX DAYS – will wake up soon so we can go to the waterfront and finally go on the carousel. I am ridiculously excited about going, it will be Nolan’s first time on it…mine too!

{Note: I can’t believe there are only six days until I’m married to this man. This stubborn, silly man. I can’t wait, even if he does irritate the ever-living shit out of me 😉 heh.}



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10 responses to “SIX DAYS!!!!

  1. Blaine

    OH WOW WOW WOW. Your hair looks so gorgeous! I love it!

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the wedding day hair with the dress, and everything else, now. 🙂

    Hope Matt is better, and you can have a good evening with him. 🙂

  2. Ah, that’s how you know you picked the right one…he bugs the ever-living shit out of you but you still love ‘im.

  3. miss.words

    love the hair. …. im going to shave it all of and steal it since we have like the same colour. k cool thanks 🙂

  4. Love the hair! You mist be super excited, lovely!

  5. THE HAIR IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh man, you’re going to look perfect.

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