3; and other musings

Yesterday, I had a mini-breakdown. It wasn’t dramatic or anything, I just wrote about something that has been bumming me out for a while, clicked submit and carried on. It felt good to write it out, to finally face head on what’s been upsetting me instead of keeping it locked up inside. I definitely don’t want to have a full out meltdown over everything, especially not now. We’re 3 days away from the big event, and with the pressure I’ve been feeling from the wedding I knew it was a matter of time before it all got to me and I threw a pretty hefty temper tantrum.

I was lifted up by the support and kind words from many of you, and thank you for that. Sometimes, critisim and negativitiy can overwhelm you and bring you down, but all it takes is a kind word {or two!} and then things seem much more clearer. I know I shouldn’t let those things bring me down, what better way to kick critisim in the ass then being a rockin’ mama right? So that’s my plan. I’m going to stop moping about it and start doing something about it, not about their feelings on my parenting, but about mine.

Yes, I feel like I’m not doing enough {in terms of adventures and day trips and all that}, so I’m going to start doing more. For our benefit, not anybody elses. And I’m going to start trying to surround myself with people who are good for me. You know, those who don’t play the ‘I’m a better mommy game’ and legitimately just want to have a good time while being a mom, you know? Which leads to my Facebook creeping last night. There was one girl who attended the same baby group as I did, and she seemed really nice. So I friended her on Facebook.

This whole situation reminds me of a post Sarah wrote on her blog, Old School/New School Mom about speed mom-dating, searching out for a mom friend with kids your child’s age to arrange play dates and actually enjoy them because you have general interests with the mom. I would love to befriend another mom who shared the same interests as me and the same desire to just have fun while doing this whole parenting business and not constantly be trying to one-up the other mom.

I do know moms like this, but they are all back in my home town. The ones that I have met here are very much into the ‘better mommy game’ and constantly try to “one up me”.

So I’m hoping that this girl from baby group is as legit as she seems. Because it would be kick ass to have one friend in this town with a baby near Nolan’s age 🙂


When I woke up this morning, the number 3 hit me like a ton of bricks…in a delightful way. I can’t believe in just three more sleeps I’ll be getting married. And I know, I say this every day {and I know that Karen is really enjoying this every day countdown. Everyday 😉 heh} but I’m so excited!

So then there were three days left, folks. How do I spend today? Well, by cleaning the house and hopefully venturing outside at some point to enjoy the sunlight. We’re going to be having a few house guests so I want to ensure that the house looks nice. Although my plans of vacuuming have been foiled thanks to my cat and my SMIL. My cat apparently knocked over the plant downstairs, and then peed in the dirt, then JDC vacuumed it up and let the pee sodded dirt sit in the vacuum cleaner for a week…so now it really stinks and I’m going to have to beg Matt to clean it when he gets home {the whole thing needs to be taken apart}. And that, dear lovelies, is why you shouldn’t own a cat and plants at the same time.

And I’m super excited for tomorrow! Mandy should be in town, I can’t wait to see her!

So yeah, tons of awesome great things in my life right now, that are definitely outweighing the not-so-great 🙂

Wedding Stuff I Still Need To Do:

  1. Buy plastic eating utensils & plates/cups for the reception.
  2. Figure out where exactly along the waterfront we’re going to take our photos/meet with Mandy and discuss ideas for said photos.
  3. Buy food for the reception.
  4. Figure out how I want my makeup done…
  5. Put together the party favor boxes.
  6. Start decorating {Thursday}.

And there are probably a few other major details I’m forgetting about but I’m sure I’ll remember before the day 🙂

Rando things that made me laugh and smile today:

Funniest comment: You’re in no way required to shuffle him between baby ballet, baby gymnastics, baby yoga, and baby calculus lessons, because, well, he’s a baby. And a “hell raiser”? What is he doing, coming home from the baby bar past his baby curfew? ~ Oh Lexi, how you make me laugh so hard that I snort tea out of my nose. Don’t ask how that works, I’m not entirely sure…

Funniest recent blog search: “don’t make always these duckface” ~ because clearly, my Duck Face post rocks STILL.



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2 responses to “3; and other musings

  1. Three more sleeps until you are married . . .

    That’s so awesome.

    I am so excited for you!

    But hello? You still need to buy food for the reception?

    Get on that!

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