Things I Love: 18

  • This photo of Nolan & I that the housemate took. {even though he is super tired…but it kind of looks like he’s hushing me lmao}.
  • Reading these two books to Nolan {they are also two of his favourites}: If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff and When Stella Was Very, Very Small by Marie-Lousie Gay.
  • Finally taking the time to clean out  my very dirty car! I feel so much better when I go out now that there isn’t a collection of garbage or months worth of dirt and other yucky ass things scattered about all around me!
  • All of our wedding photos! Can’t wait to get them developed!
  • Baby fever. OR, at least…I love it today. I’ll probably hate it tomorrow, haha. Cause, you know, baby fever can sort of sick when the end result isn’t another baby {I know it’s not a good time for us, so yeah. BUT STILL; b.a.b.y f.e.v.e.r!}
  • The fact that I know SO many pregnant people right now, and one of my good friends is right around the corner from her due date! So, at least there will be plenty of babies in the near future in my life {sort of, anyway, most of these wee ones will be long distance}…although that might not HELP with the baby fever.
  • The fact that Nolan now says BUM! Well, kinda. He says “ummm” but only when we’re changing his bum, or if he wants me to change his bum. LOL! It’s freakin’ adorable.
  • That Nolan now also says “No” and “Ya”! When I say “No Nolan, don’t touch” he generally follows up with a “YA!” and when I tell him something along the lines of; “It’s bed time Nolan!” he says “noo mummum” lol. Little monkey butt. Oh well, it’s definitely a start!
  • Being called “mum-mum” by Nolan 😀 hehe.
  • The amazing cuddles I get every single morning before Nolan’s diaper change. He never used to be a cuddler, but now he has to hug me for at least 2 minutes before I can change his diaper. 🙂
  • Hanging out with my husband after our wee one is in bed and just plain being silly with him!
  • Going to bed early!

Which I just might do right now! ❤ {maybe}



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3 responses to “Things I Love: 18

  1. Am I a close friend who is due right around the corner? hehe.

    Watching 16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom, may not help with your baby fever? Just guessing? lol.

    Oh joy, lmao. You have to get a video of that, I wanna see him. “Bedtime Nolan” “Noooo!” lol. Would be so cute. 🙂

    • Who you? Hold on…let me check my list…


      Haha, I love it. Have that baby soon! And I wish, every time I break out the camera Nolan smiles and poses but refuses to say anything. He doesn’t enjoy being recorded but he loves having his picture taken. Figure that one out? Perhaps he’s like me and hates the sound of his voice on videos lmao.

  2. I love the cuddles too! I love “ya!”” If You Give a Cat a Cupcake reminds” me of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”

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