I totally married a dork…

This is my husband, Matt. We’ve been married for one week and one day. I know, I just reek of marriage experience and wisdom, huh? Anyways. My husband is pretty hot, huh? He’s a very good looking guy and he has a great personality to boot. He makes me laugh and he makes me smile. He can be downright silly and immature at times, but he’s also very grown up and serious {when the time calls for it}. But laughter is important to us both, so it’s okay.

Anyways, I didn’t start this post to write about how awesome he is, but to share some exciting news with y’all; I married a dork. Hard to believe that my Tattooed Hunk is a dork that likes to run around with foam swords and roleplay middle earth games, eh? But I assure you, it’s true and absolutely hilarious. He’s not hardcore like that kid from Role Models or anything like that, but it is hilarious to watch him ‘practice’ for the gathering or whatever you want to call it for Amtgard.

I would totally sew him a cloak if I knew how to sew, just to make fun of him haha. Matt hasn’t played Amtgard since he was like 16, and he used to tell me stories about how much fun he used to have and stuff. I sort of assumed all that role playing was behind him {or at least, saved for behind closed doors} so it came as a bit of a surprise to find out that he was going to play Amtgard with his friends this weekend. We went to Walmart yesterday to buy Nolan a toy couch {I’ll post pictures in a few minutes, once I wrap up this story about Matt} and Matt insisted that I buy pantihose so he could make his silly foam swords. So, as we walked down the aisles of Walmart, I poked fun at Matt.

Matt, ‘practicing’.

“Oh look,” I said, upon seeing an elderly couple with pink pool noodles {the very kind Matt bought to make his swords} “They’re going to play Amtgard with you this weekend! Say hi!”

Matt muttered about how much of a bitch I was, and then laughed. Because it was funny. Later on as I was browsing the toy section for Nolan, Matt reminded me that we were pressed for time and we couldn’t forget his pantihose.

“Fine, I’ll buy you pantihose. I don’t understand this new game you’re playing, it’s creepy” super loud and caused several heads to turn in our direction. Matt started laughing, yet again, because obviously it sounds hilarious. A guy wanting you to buy pantihose for them? Funny on it’s own. Toss in a few inappropriate comments and you’ve got yourself some great material!

Anyways, so I married a dork and I’m having a blast making fun of him 🙂 in all seriousness, I hope he has a blast beating up trolls and dwarfs {the fantasy kind, I might add} and slaying dragons and all that crap. I’ll be watching True Blood and stuffing my face with Dr. Pepper and chips 😉

NOW, for the adorable Nolan pictures:

Nolan absolutely loves his new little couch. He was so excited to try it out, and he plays with it more than any of his toys {at the moment, anyway, I’m sure the novelty will wear off}. He loves to place his stuffed animals on it too, it was a definite hit!

And we also bought him this little wall hanging from a booth in the mall:

It is absolutely adorable! It’s exactly what I wanted all along for Nolan’s bedroom. The little booth in the mall {that isn’t always there} is called Loose Letters. I’m definitely loving their products!

We also finally bought a new stroller! It’s just an Expedition Jogging Stroller from Walmart, but I’m excited because it’s lighter and easier to steer then my old stroller, so I’m stoked!! We’re stepping up, slowly but surely hehe. When Nolan – and Matt for that matter – wake up from their afternoon naps, we’re going for a walk at the waterfront.

AND guess what else I’m gonna do? Go to the gym. YES I SAID IT! I’m checking it out next weekend with the housemate, and maybe JDC if she’s free {she was the one that referred us}, to see what it’s like. I want to tone my bum and legs! 😉 Should be an adventure, hopefully the gym won’t KILL me dead.



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7 responses to “I totally married a dork…

  1. lmao…awesome pictures…too bad you didn’t have those BEFORE the wedding…could have done a cute little slideshow or something….

    very cute pictures of Nolan too, but i’m guessing there aren’t any pictures of him where he’s not looking cute and adorable, so..

  2. The whole story about Matt is literally making me “LOL”! Haha and its kind of embarassing cause I’m sitting in the car, face in my blackberry, cracking up! Haha! You two are going to be cute when you’re all old and gray!

    And the couch will be something he will love forever. (Well, Bee is almost 4 and still uses hers on a daily basis!) Right now its fun, then it will be a bed when they don’t want to sleep in their actual beds, it will be where he can cuddle with future siblings during movie nights, he’ll use it to build forts, and pretend it’s a slide, he’ll use it to pout on when you tell him he can’t go outside to play cause dinner’s almost ready, and you’ll have to struggle to take it apart and wash it 40 times and then put it back together while you’re potty training! 😛 It says 2 in 1 couch but really, it has many more uses than that! They’re a great investment!

    Have fun at the gym!! 🙂

  3. Miss.Words

    lmfao. at least i am not alone with having a dork for a hubby. must run in the family lol. but i love that story in walmart. Gavin and i do that. it weird’s people out. we also rate milfs lol and then when they get close enough to here im always like what you would do her twice over doing me. he gets all embarrassed. and Nolan looks like such a big kid in those picks. cant wait till next year hopefully we can get together when ever we come out. my dad says we should have a little family reunion just so all the little cousins can play 🙂

    p.s. the name thing is adorable.

  4. Heh, I always wondered what the appeal in LARPing is, but a lot of people do it so it can’t be that bad!

    Have fun at the gym. I keep tossing around the idea of buying a bicycle for exercise and fun.

  5. He is a cutie! It’s okay. I used to play Magic in high school. I’m a dork too! Also, my non-husband is a super dork. He is all tattooed up like a bad-ass and he plays flight simulator (an aviation computer game) every day. Dorks are cool!

  6. Sunshine and Daydreams

    Love the Walmart story. It great embarassing the men and that both of you laugh over it. There’s nothing wrong with a little dorkiness! My Matt (fiancee) is like that too.

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