the appointment…

Today was Nolan’s pediatric appointment. Matt was able to come to the appointment too, because the weather was so horrible he was able to get off work earlier than expected.

I absolutely love Nolan’s pediatric clinic; it’s comfortable, colourful and gorgeous. They have a huge aquarium with tons of beautiful fish; Nolan absolutely loved looking at the fish. We arrived a little early, so we spent a good 20 minutes hanging out. We got speciality teas from Twiggs {they called it a “London Fog”, it had Earl Gray and a shot of vanilla with steamed milk…yummy!} and showed Nolan all the different fish in the aquarium.

After we were paged, everything sort of flew by quickly. Nolan is gaining weight and growing like a champ! But those bumps we felt are definitely MHE related – BUT they aren’t on any growth plates, so there is no immediate concern. My main concern with the bumps on his wrists were that they would affect growth plates, I definitely don’t want any bone lengthening surgeries – they are painful {heard secondhand; I’ve been lucky enough not to need any bone lengthening surgeries}. Even still, this week {or next} I am taking Nolan to get x-rays of his wrists {where we felt the bump}, then Dr. C is going to fax the results to a doctor from Sick Kids in TO, and we’ll have an orthopedic specialist for Nolan.

I’m definitely not looking forward to the x-ray though. I just know Nolan’s going to freak right out. He freaks out when we weigh him and measure him at doctors appointments, I can only imagine just how bad he’s going to lose his shit over being placed {and restrained!} on a cold, hard x-ray table 😦 I don’t really want to do this alone, but I know I’m {probably} going to have to. Unless we get another rain day this week, and unless Matt is able to get more time off work due to that rain day. I don’t want to put this off too long, I want to have that specialist arranged and an appointment to meet him/her.

So, this does suck. But I’m not as torn up about it as before…I know that there are worse things, and I know that the bumps he does have right now aren’t causing any issues. So I’m able to breathe a little easier; I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Yes, he has MHE, but I’m going to definitely stay on top of this and ensure that he gets the treatment and care he needs, and that bumps that look as if they’re on growth plates or causing damage are looked at. So, I’m trying not to worry. I know that I can’t change it, so why torment myself over it?


And on a lighter note…I now have a job! It’s the job I had before, back in May, at that adorable little 50s diner in town. My boss – H – called me yesterday and asked if I was still interested in a position there, and when I said yes she told me I could start that night if I wanted! Of course I wanted, I don’t enjoy turning down extra money! 🙂 So my first shift back was yesterday. It was pretty good, although my sugar must have been low…I was shaky and weak. It might have something to do with the fact that I was way too excited to eat anything {and didn’t}. I know, I’m bad. I had to order home fries halfway through my shift!!! {Although, they were super delish so I don’t feel too bad about that!}

I am honestly so excited to be working again, even if it’s only a couple of shifts a week. I’m able to get out of the house, socialize and make some mola!

AND; in other, OTHER news…Matt and I finally tracked down that pesky remaining debt. We’ll be debt free ~ COMPLETELY ~ by next month! I am so excited about this! Being debt free was a dream I didn’t think we’d achieve for years and years. But, thanks to the amazing opportunities and the help we’ve been given, we will be debt free very soon! I’m not even mad about the whole run-around with Rogers and the huge chase we had to do in order to track it down, I’m just happy we can start paying it off!



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11 responses to “the appointment…

  1. So, Isaac broke his arm and needed xrays. I was panicking, knowing that on a GOOD day, there was no way he’d let me put him down on the table, let alone on a day when he’d broken his arm. In the end, they popped me in a lead suit and sat him on my lap, while I held his arm on the plate and under the xray. Yes, my fingers got xrayed too, but as my fingers were only holding his fingertips, it was fine. I think you could probably ask to do the same thing, considering it’s so stressful if they’re restrained and fighting it and kids are so much more relaxed sitting on their Mum’s lap.

  2. So glad to hear that everything looks ok so far. Hoping the x-rays go well and everything keeps looking great.

  3. Blaine

    Glad to hear Nolan hopefully won’t need any immediate surgeries. If you were lucky enough to escape needing the painful surgeries, maybe he will, too? I don’t know how this disease works, I just hope it’s not too tough on him.

    He seems like a pretty easy going kid, and with you guys as parents and the great support system you’ve got, he’s sure to turn out great, surgeries or not. 😀

  4. Well, this is definitely a news and good news post. 🙂
    but very importantly YAY to the debt-free thing. Sounds so awesome! 🙂
    AS for Nolan – he’s got his mom who will empathise with him. that is, in itself, a blessing. He’s a lucky kid…

  5. Sunshine and Daydreams

    With you already living with MHE, you are in a much better position to help Nolan. You know the symptoms, knew to get him tested early, know how the bone growths feel and look so you are better able to spot them early on. Your knowledge will help him with this.

    As for the debt – Congrats! Its an amazing feeling not to owe anyone $. I hit that point 2 years ago at 30, so you guys are doing great!

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