The Kick I Needed…

Sometimes, I need a kick. I’m pretty good at keeping the kitchen clean every single day, but the rest of the house quickly falls into dismay at my unattentive hands. I get lazy, especially thanks to this unbearable heat. {And also; I sorta get tired of being ‘the only one’* that cares what this place looks like enough to do something about it}.

Anywho, I recieved that kick from Amy’s latest post at Hearts Into Home. Her outlook refreshed me, because lately? I’ve been focusing on the negative more often than not. I get so tired of cleaning all the time, and needed a reminder that that’s part of my job. It’s not all of my job, nor should I be the only one ever cleaning {and I’m not…usually, anyway}. But I still whined about it, because nobody likes cleaning. Actually, I do like cleaning…for the most part. What I don’t like is feeling as if I’m the only one cleaning the house.

This morning though? After reading Amy’s uplifting outlook, I was ready to take on the world. I suppose I should also add that I didn’t have to do dinner dishes last night, which was such a treat! So I cleaned the after dinner mess {the late night drinks and snacks} without feeling angry or stressed. Usually, I hate cleaning in the morning. But this morning? All I had to do was wash two dishes {the blender and the juice container} and load the dish washer! Oh, and wipe down the counters. And swept the floor and then tidy up my messy toddler {who had been enjoying his breakfast while I cleaned}.

After I cleaned the kitchen, I folded laundry while I sipped at my tea and watched Nolan play with the giant hammer thing Matt won from the fair last weekend. Then I played with Nolan and his trucks. By the time he went down for his nap, I had cleaned and tidied up the livingroom, dinning room and bathroom, and vacuumed {while he ate lunch}. He’s still napping now, so I’ve enjoyed a nice cold shower and am now posting just for the sake of writing. I know nobody really cares what I’ve accomplished this morning, but maybe…when I’m not having the best day reguarding chores…I can come back and read this post and see all that I accomplished in the morning. I’m not exhausted, and I still had time to play with Nolan and he had a wonderful morning. Plus? The house {or the upstairs, anyway} is clean! It’s a good feeling!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I rock this housewife thing. Sometimes I am able to get all my chores accomplished with ease and then have a wonderful afternoon with my boy. But, more often than not, I suck at this housewife thing. I sulk that I’m the only one doing anything {partially true; I am the only one doing most things because I’m the only one here during the day, and therefore the mess is mostly ours anyway}. It really depends on my mood though, if I’m in a good, positive mood I have a great day and get {most of} the things on my to-do list finished. If I’m having a bad day, where I’m dripping with negativity {cough.yesterday.cough}, I don’t get anything off my to-do list and am always shocked when I make it through bedtime with my head still on.

So my goal? From here on in? Delete the negativity, bask in the positive things. It’s a big goal; one that will take me a while to accomplish. Changing the negative things in your life takes some time; but I’m definitely pushing for it. I don’t want to be negative about anything, not when there is so much good in my life.

And also; I don’t know about you, but living in a constant messy enviornment makes me edgey and angry. I like clean, not like OCD clean, but clean enough that you don’t feel dirty every time you walk into a room because it’s so messy. Clean enough that there aren’t bugs and creepy things hiding under piles of clothes. I find that when the house is messy or dirty, I feel like crap. So; the easiest solution? CLEANING THE HOUSE! πŸ˜‰ now, if only I could remember this every day of the week, eh?

*Or so it seems that way. It’s not true, of course, everybody cares what the house looks like. But oh woe is me, right? πŸ˜‰



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8 responses to “The Kick I Needed…

  1. Blaine

    I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way, and have the same struggles.

    It’s inspiring to read a post about someone changing their attitude and getting stuff done, so yeah, we do care what you got done! πŸ˜€

    At least your house is clean. This afternoon, mine will be too. πŸ˜€

  2. I’m the exact same way. Clutter drives me freakin’ crazy, but I don’t always have the motivation to take care of it. Our house stays pretty clean. Hubby is just one of those neat freak type people. LOL I do most of the cleaning though because that is “my job” in our relationship. I get to stay home like I want so it works for us.

  3. Oy! This is a major challenge for me. I get so overwhelmed by cleaning. People keep telling me to take one room at a time. Do a room a day.

    Arg! It is hard for me. So what’s your cleaning strategy?

  4. We finally have a place with a bathroom on the first floor, so yanno what? The only thing I worry about keeping clean all the time is the first floor…kitchen, living room, bathroom. The rest of the house? Dude, you’re among the privileged few if you’re allowed up/down there. It does get cleaned, but only after the other. I’m pretty freakin’ OCD but I can’t see it, so if I can’t muster up the motivation, I pretend it does not exist. Works for me!

    Glad you’ve found your kickstart!

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