critters, kids & cuteness

This morning I wasn’t planning on doing anything, today was going to be the day that I was going to take Nolan to get his x-rays, but I realized I didn’t have any cash for parking {pay day is today, but the money won’t be in the bank until after Matt deposits his cheque}. Then I received a text from Kim {a mutual friend of Matt & I} saying that the Early Years Centre was doing a Critters & Kids show at 10:30am, and that she was bringing her two boys and I should bring Nolan. I jumped aboard the idea; not realizing exactly what it was. I just assumed it was some kind of activity where the kids would learn about different animals. In any case, I wanted to get out of the house with Nolan for a bit and this sounded fun.

When we got to the EYC, it was chaos, there was so many people there that I didn’t know what to do with myself; one could not sit for fear of squashing a little person. I was given a pink piece of paper for the show. I waited for Kim, then we went outside with the kids. It was less crowded and busy, and Nolan had a blast running around and playing with the balls and toy cars. We waited for nearly an hour for our colour to be called so we could see the show, and during that time I found out that Critters and Kids was a really cool company that brings the zoo to you! They do birthday parties and other events. Nolan had a fun time looking at the animals, and he even got to pet a chinchilla!

Excuse my fugliness…was not expecting to be in the picture lol.

The chinchilla that Nolan got to pet; so cute and soft!

I was only able to get a few pictures, and the quality sucks because I took them on my BlackBerry. Had I known what Critters and Kids really was, I would have brought my camera…but I didn’t. Oh well, better to have these pictures than no pictures, am I right?

We left immediately after Nolan got to see all the animals; he was over tired and cranky, plus it was lunch time {we had left over rice and chicken…yum yum!}

Nolan is napping right now, but after he wakes up, we’re probably going to head to the park with Kim and the boys. Depending on how he feels, anyway, he had a rough morning. He woke up at 5am crying his little heart out, Matt raced into his bedroom faster than I could even open my eyes! When I got there, poor Nolan was rubbing his gums with his hand and just wailing. We changed his bum, gave him some Advil and let him have some milk. I rocked him in the rocking chair for nearly half an hour before he was too tired to be held and just wanted to go back in his crib with his stuffed giraffe. So, I placed him down and tucked him in, then rubbed his back until he had nearly drifted off. I had to wake him up at 9am! I hope he gets a long afternoon nap in, the poor love. Teething really bites!

Anywho, how has your Friday been so far? I know several of you aren’t even around ~ you’re too busy enjoying NYC life and doing BlogHer things {yes, I’m jealous…which reminds me, I need to get in on the No-Go BlogHer blog hop! I’ll write my post tonight, or maybe after I publish this one 😉 heh}.

Happy Friday all!!!

P.S. I work tomorrow 😀 so excited! I know that it’s going to be a long day, even though I only work a 3 hour shift, because my shoes suck balls. First paycheck, I’m buying a new pair!



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6 responses to “critters, kids & cuteness

  1. Miss.Words

    sounds like a good morning. hope Nolan’s teeth come down asap so his gum’s stop hurting. air walk has some great non slip good support shoes i bought a pair when i was waitressing and they were great. made my knees not hurt as bad.

  2. Okay enough! Lol.

    Jessica, you have a little baby, you should ALWAYS carry your good camera, as you never know when you will need it! [blackberry camera seems to fail you all the time with crap quality!]

    The queen of the camera has spoken! Lol. ❤

  3. Blaine

    OOooh, Critters and Kids sounds/looks awesome. I almost wish we lived in a bigger city so that there would be more things like that, but at the same time, not so much.

    How many teeth does Nolan have now? Sounds like a lot, hopefully after these ones, he’ll get a good long break!

    My friday morning has been pretty uneventful. Sitting around, planning renovations. (Minor like painting the doors/deck, getting a contractor to put up eaves troughs, extending the deck so we can put up our new gazebo and set up the patio set.)

    Man, that paragraph sure is making me feel like an adult. Weird.

    • It’s definitely awesome!!! And dude, last time I checked {bout two weeks ago} he had 10 with two more coming in. I’ll need to count them again tomorrow, because I’m prety sure those two came in and he has two MORE coming in.

      I wish I had a house to plan renos for 😦 sniffles. Plan some for me, okay?

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