And so it begins…

After taking Nolan’s clothes and diaper off for his bath, he sat down on the floor butt naked and looked down at his “bird”. I suppose I could say that Nolan hasn’t ever actually looked at his boy parts, I mean he’s tugged at them during a diaper change or two but never really took the time to examine them. Well today, he did just that. He started poking it, and I – failing miserably at not laughing – explained to him that it was his penis.

He can now show us where his penis is located, and I’m not too sure how I feel about this. I’ve heard many funny stories from friends with boys about this ‘self discovery’ stage and I can’t say I’m eager for all the wonderful surprises this stage brings. I hope to GOD that Nolan isn’t one of those toddlers who takes their diapers off and plays with the poop {yes, I’ve heard of that happening…gosh, the things they don’t tell you when you’re pregnant…am I right?}. I have absolutely no idea how I’d handle that, probably not well at all.

Anyways, I’m noticing more and more that Nolan isn’t a baby anymore, he’s a toddler. And I know I’ve probably written that line several times over the past little while, but it’s actually beginning to sink in. Just look at him!

See? All toddler. He just might be an OCD toddler too. Every single day, he brings me all of the balls from his Busy Ball Popper toy and lines them up either on my lap {if I’m sitting} or around my neck {if I’m laying down}. Then he’ll rearrange them by colour. He is constantly rearranging things ~ like his megablocks ~ by colour. It’s awesome to watch, but a little surreal. I can’t believe my little man is getting so BIG! He even whispers now, it’s so sweet!

Some random things I need to buy for Nolan:

  • Puzzles! Wooden ones, perferably!
  • More Disney movies!
  • Drawing paper {the big rolled kind} and those water marker things!
  • New onesies ~ he’s finally outgrowing his 12 month oneises!
  • RAINBOOTS {so we can jump puddles!}
  • More shelves for his bedroom.
  • A new {bigger} dresser {although I have NO idea where I’m going to put it…sigh}


I’m feeling a bit better, but this weekend was definitely not the one I had in mind. I was hoping to enjoy my first weekend back at the diner, and I was also hoping to get to the waterfront with both my boys and have some family time outside of the house. Instead, I basically could barely move and kept to the livingroom, trying to entertain Nolan with all of his toys {that don’t really seem like a lot when we’re stuck here for two days}. I don’t work again until next Saturday.

Oh well, there’s always next weekend…but I work all of it…I work from 11-2 and then 5-8 on both days. I’m excited, but nervous. I hope I don’t screw up, I know what I’m doing – kinda – but it might take a while to remember every detail of the job {and to learn the waitresses writing!}. I even wrote out a cheat sheet of all the stuff I have to remember to do! I’m so paranoid about screwing up, I really like this job!



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9 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. I think your baby is super smart! And very cute!

    My son tells people at the grocery store to look at his “pee-pee”. He’s two. Have fun with self discovery!

  2. My son discovered his at about 18 months and didn’t let go of it for 3 years. It’s a totally normal thing. TOTALLY.

  3. Cri

    waaaaaah he’s sooo a toddler. those pics really captured that. its so cool but so sad 😦
    DUDE this time next year i am gonna have a 6 month old !!!!!! and you are gonna have a 2 year old!

  4. Blaine

    Lol! Eric has found his a few times, but hasn’t become obsessed. Although right after putting on a fresh diaper, he’ll slap the front of his diaper – no idea what that means. LOL!

    I am also hoping to avoid too much flagrant public showing off or attention to his pubic area, but I think it’s a stage they all go through,one way or another.

    Don’t be paranoid about the job, I’m sure you’ll do great, obviously you care a lot about it, that’s the best quality an employee can have, since it usually comes with hardworking and dedicated. 😀 Hope it’s a lot of fun.

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