Adventures in Sock Land

Nolan is the kind of kid who loves to make you laugh. He’ll do anything to get a giggle out of you; he’s been known to stick his face in front of the Busy Ball Popper fan, just to take his breath away so I laugh {because he makes the cutest noises! Don’t believe me? Check out this cute video!}

Recently, he’s taken to putting socks in his mouth and running around like a puppy. It makes me laugh hysterically, and anything that makes mama laugh? Nolan repeats. Because he loves to make me laugh.

We had a silly photoshoot, in which Nolan kept pulling the sock out of my mouth and then shoving it back in. He thought it was hilarious, and I couldn’t help but laugh either. His laughter is contagious.

I’m so glad I found my camera, and was able to snap a few pictures of Nolan today 🙂


We went to the mall this morning, instead of baby group. I’ve been putting off sending out my engagement ring to get cleaned and fixed {the white gold is starting to wear off, it needs a new coat} but I really needed to get it done. Plus I wanted to check out the adorable little toy shop in the mall again; I found the perfect wooden puzzles for Nolan! I’m going to buy them on payday, heh.

This afternoon, I’m not entirely sure what the plan is. I’m still on antibiotics and still need to avoid direct sunlight, so that sort of takes away from my plans of playing outside! Maybe we’ll go to the EYC. For now though, it’s naptime…which means this mama is catching up in the blogosphere and sitting down, resting my poor feeties.

I should be cleaning…but we’re all out of paper towels and all that junk. Today is shopping day, so by tonight my supplies will be restocked and I can worry about cleaning another day ~ like tomorrow!

{side note; I promise, I WILL get around to cleaning. I mean, more than my regular kitchen and bathroom cleaning, FULL house cleaning. PROMISE!}



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2 responses to “Adventures in Sock Land

  1. you and nolan BOTH have an infectious laugh!

    guh! want! need! must have!

  2. Litzia

    He is so cute trying to make his mom laught hahaha really cute.

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