Slides & Little Chairs

Today Nolan and I went to play group. The play group is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer, and I’ve been trying my hardest to ensure that we go to all three days of play group. It gives us a change of scenery and allows Nolan to interact with other babies and kids there. Nolan really made me laugh today while there. He’s starting to get more comfortable, and every time we go I notice he relaxes and does something hilarious. Today? He ran over to the little rocking car thing {it’s like a rocking horse, only it’s a plastic car rocking thing} and climbed in by himself, then started rocking, by himself, with a huge ass grin on his face.

At play group, there is also a huge blue elephant slide. I usually ensure that Nolan gets to go down the slide a few times while were there, even though he {usually} didn’t seem to care for it. Well today? He loved it. He kept laughing with excitement, and squealing. His grin, his laugh and his just general ecstatic outlook was contagious.

And? He was even sitting in the little chairs!!! Swinging his feet while he played with the Jack In A Box {which he also couldn’t get enough of, I need to find him one!!!} which I had placed on the table for him.

AND, he painted! With help from me of course, but he loved it! I can’t wait until tomorrow, when we get the painting back. I’ll put it on the fridge 🙂

Tomorrow will be another exciting day at play group; the kids are all going to make pizza, so Nolan will try too {again, with help from me}.

He shocked the shit out of me before we went to play group too, I was in the bathroom quickly washing my face and brushing my teeth. When I came out like not even 5 seconds after checking on him, he was on the couch, sitting there, chilling. It was shocking because I haven’t seen him climb up on the couch yet, and the one time he ended up on it he had no idea how he did it. Now though? He knows! And he was just so stinkin’ proud of it too! I showed him {again} how to get off the couch properly {hopefully this will discourage any head dives…sigh}.

It’s strange, seeing my little man doing these things for himself. Some days he looks like a baby, and other days he looks like a toddler. Today? He looked like a toddler. Only, a very tiny toddler {my little man is little, heh}. It’s insane to watch him pick up on things, just like that. I showed him how to work the Jack In A Box and the second I showed him, he knew, and just kept doing it without my help. He’s growing up so fast!

After Nolan wakes up from his nap, I’m taking him to the hospital to get his x-rays for the referral to a doctor. I was putting it off, hoping Matt would get off work early due to bad weather. Although it’s been cloudly and “chances of rain” for the past week, he hasn’t – except for yesterday, but he literally had the flu. I can’t put it off any longer. I’ll update later on today with how this little adventure goes, but I really hope that it doesn’t go bad or stress him out too much.



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4 responses to “Slides & Little Chairs

  1. awwwwww, nolan is getting so big. it scares me that kids grow so fast. before you know it there moving out and being adults on there own 😦 cant wait to get nolan and tristan together hopefully next usmmer when we come out.

    • He is getting so big! Still bald as ever 😉 haha. Daddy’s genes, right there…Matt was bald until he was like 2. HAH!
      Sounds like a plan! can’t wait to see you guys and meet that handsome little man!! Nolan still likes to point at his picture on the fridge and say “HMMM” when I tell him it’s Tristan!! xoxo

  2. I totally remember Ari climbing up on the couch for the first time. It’s so funny, because they look so grown up sitting there.

    That’s so awesome that Nolan painted! Yay playgroup!

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