let the hunt begin

The time has come for Matt and I to find our own place. We’ve been here for 8 months now, and while it hasn’t always been easy we are entirely grateful for the major opportunity we were given to start anew and pay off debts and learn how to budget. Now? Our debts are paid off and we know how to budget. Its hard merging households, and its not easy living with parents/in laws. I’m sure those of you who have been in our shoes know this, and for those of you who don’t know; let’s just say its a blurry line. A difficult trek. *but; I am appreciative of it.

Its just time to move on.

So we’ve been looking. Matt had today off, so we viewed two apartment units in one complex. The first one we saw, we LOVED but wasn’t sold on how old the appliances looked or on the fact that the laundry room only had 2 washers and 2 dryers for the ENTIRE building. And the first one we saw was on the top floor, no elevator. Not to mention, it was gone by the time we spoke to the landlord. But she had another unit available, so we went back to see it and Matt didn’t like it at all. I wasn’t in love, but at this point I’m willing to live in a shack!

This apartment unit was in the basement, and everything was old. It just didn’t feel like home really. Not to mention, the landlord kept insisting we give her a credit card number to check our credit rating. We’ve rented before, and didn’t need a credit card to do so. So…ya. Plus all the other places we’ve sent applications for haven’t asked for credit cards. Weird huh?

So, this apartment complex wasn’t it. But maybe we’ll find something soon. Maybe not, who knows? My fingers are crossed. We’re waiting back to hear from a property management inc that has several apartment complexes that we’re interested in. We should hear back next week.

I HATE this waiting game. Seriously. Its deeply irritating and I’m definitely not patient enough for it.

Anywho; with this apartment/moving out thing, we’re gonna have to make a lot of sacrifices to make it happen. Like, we’re not going to get home phone, TV or internet for a LONG while. Until we’ve lived there for several months and know what we can afford. So this means we’ll be spending more time together as a family, and we’ll need to learn how to not rely on technology for entertainment.

I’m both worried and excited. I’m worried because I totally have a blogging addiction {which I can still sorta fulfill using my BlackBerry} and we do like our tv. We wouldn’t miss a home phone because we have our cell phones still, but ya. And I’m excited because this means we’ll spend more time together; as a family.

I know the basics; picnics, park trips, family walks, but does anybody have any suggestions for fun INDOOR activities? We have a library account so we’ll be renting movies and books from it too.

I’m thinking we’re going to set up an art station in the apartment for Nolan and I to experiment with {washable} paint, {edible} play d’oh and make crafts. {Which reminds me…any good craft suggestions for toddlers? Please e-mail them! Or comment them, whichever works best!}.

And so, I’m hoping we hear back from that property management inc. And fast. The apartments we’re looking at moving into are available September 1st, a mere 16 days away, and I need to know what we’re doing so we can start packing and getting ready.

So ya! Big changes are coming!! For the best, too. πŸ™‚ everythings going to be okay!

{I’ll feel a lot more confident about that last sentence if we get a positive answer from that property management inc. And soon.}



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11 responses to “let the hunt begin

  1. I’m getting rid of our cable when my husband deploys but I’m keeping Netflix so we can still watch movies; which wouldn’t require internet as long as you have a DVD player. We also had GameFly (he cancelled it since he is leaving soon) which meant an unlimited number of video games for or xBox/Wii to entertain him (mostly). I might sign back up for it, so the kids and I can play since I’m taking away cartoons. LOL As for internet, with at least a phone you can text, email and use apps for FB, Twitter. I actually don’t mind blogging by email; can you do that with WP? And I downloaded BlogPress for my iPod Touch since we do have WiFi/internet. It’s all so doable. I didn’t have internet/cable for a long time; about six months one year and six or more another and that was WITHOUT an internet/smart phone. It’s not as bad as it seems, though you certainly do feel disconnected.

    • This post was written on WordPress for Blackberry, actually! I don’t mind it too much, although I do lose half my categories and I can’t password protect things, or respond to comments the way I normally do 😦 but I’ll manage for a while! We’ll be without that stuff probably until May or so, then when Matt goes back to work we’ll bite the bullet and get a few services. Probably just internet though!

  2. the celt (jessica)

    I think that Netflix is a good idea. We don’t have cable (I’ve honestly never paid for cable. I had it free in college and haven’t had it since), but we stream Netflix from our Wii on demand when we don’t have discs or don’t feel like watching those. (Check their site: you can do it from multiple gaming systems.) I watch HGTV (my cable weakness, so I always have it on when we stay at a hotel) online now that I discovered that they had full shows there (when we were in Canada, strangely enough, enjoying HGTV in our B&B there). That’s something else to check out: If you have internet service, would you even need cable? (You can watch tons of things online these days and even hook your laptop to your TV and watch it there instead.)

    I think you guys have good ideas on what you can and can’t do with money, which was a big point of this whole setup, right? You now realize you can live without the little things until you figure your budget and get savings squared away with your income vs. expenses and then decide what you can add back in.

    The credit card thing is a bit odd. I’ve had them do credit checks before, but never with an actual card number. I’d ask if they keep it on file and if they do anything with it other than check credit (that is, namely, will they charge your card if you are late with rent?)

    (Also, I’m switching things over to a new email address, so I thought I’d let you know. πŸ™‚ )

    • Oh no, I wouldn’t be getting cable AND Internet, just Internet, I wrote that because the first time we moved out we did both and got into debt over it. This time around, we’re going to go about it the SMART way. For a while, we’re not going to get any home services, we wanna see how we’re spending our money {rent, hydro, groceries, etc} before we commit to that.

      And we’re definitely staying away from her, the apartment wasn’t grand or anything like that…so, yeah lol.

  3. I know I’ve said it before but you are going to *love* living on your own. Seriously.

    Joel and I have never paid for cable. The internet has all the shows I’d ever need to watch.

    Also, that credit card thing seems fishy. They shouldn’t need a specific card number to check your overall credit history. I’d steer clear of that. That very well could be a scam.

  4. Maybe you could get rid of everything BUT the internet? Maybe even get really cheap dial up or something. It seems sad to have to primarily blog from your phone.

    Also, good luck searching! I’m sure you’ll find something great!

  5. Blaine

    Everything will be okay. Just keep repeating that. As long as you have Matt and Nolan, life is still good, the rest is just blurry crap in the background that sometimes budges in front of the good stuff.

    Sorry you have to go through this shit, Jess. Wish I lived in the same town, you’d be welcome at my house in the mean time. Sounds like the sooner you’re out of there, the better.

  6. Blaine

    After everything you’ve posted, I wish we lived nearby, too.

    Hell, it would be nice to have another family in the house, and well, regardless of who lives here, I do a lot of cooking and cleaning, so we could easily share the messes. lol

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