fingers and toes; crossed.

We went and looked at a house today. A 2 bedroom main floor semi. It’s so beautiful, I fell in love with it and became totally attached to it. Bad Jessica! But seriously? It’s a dream. It’s adorable and charming, and I can totally see us living there.

There are no carpets, just hardwood and ceramic tile. The kitchen is huge, and beautiful too! It’s clean and absolutely gorgeous. There is so more storage too! With those “no slam” cupboards and drawers, perfect for a toddler! There is more than enough room for our kitchen table and chairs as well. There is also a laundry hookup! Appliances don’t come with the apartment, but we were checking out Kijiji and we can get some serious deals so it’s totally do-able! The kitchen is done up in blueish gray, grays and white. It’s the best rental kitchen I’ve seen thus far!

The livingroom is spacious too, and so are both the bedrooms. They are about the same size. One is a soft brown that I was picturing Nolan in {the rest of the house is white, except for the kitchen; it’s blueish gray}, but Matt said he would want us to be in that room, because it’s at the back of the house. The other bedroom is on the adjoining wall, and he’s worried that our potential landlords would “get an earful”. It makes sense, so if we get this apartment, Nolan can go in that bedroom haha. Both bedrooms have decent sized closets too!

And the bathroom? It’s simply gorgeous. Recently updated, everything is new and clean and so perfect! There is even a linen closet in the bathroom! We all know how much I love linen closets!

There is also storage, in the basement {a hell of a lot of it too!}, two parking spots, and our own backyard!

At the back of the house is a trail that is perfect for taking Nolan on strolls. The neighbor is quiet and peaceful, and it’s around the corner from work and school.

I. Am. In. Love. I know I said I really wanted that split level apartment, but I seriously hope with all my heart that we get this apartment. For an extra $34 bucks, we get a house!

The landlady was super sweet too, and she took us for a tour of her place too. It could go either way, I think she liked us but there is still another woman coming to look at the place tonight. And she still has to talk to her husband about the cat.

Ugh, the cat. I can’t get rid of her; honestly, she’s my furbaby. I love her. We keep her catbox clean, she’s declawed and fixed, and a good cat. Even her other personalities are good. She’s fun, she’s like a dog, only in a cat body. And when we parted with Jake {our puppy} I was so heartbroken over it, and I don’t want to go through that again. It sucked. But I really hope that we don’t not get this place because of her.

We won’t find out until Monday or Tuesday, which sucks because I can’t wait that long! Move in date won’t be until mid to late September, early October but still…totally doable.

UGH. I hate waiting! I wish I could just speed through the next three or four days, and find out what it is that we’re doing!

{And I really hope we get this house!}



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12 responses to “fingers and toes; crossed.

  1. good luck….sounds amazing…

    with the cat, if it comes down to that maybe see if you can work out a deal…give it a trial shot and if they decide that it’s not working then go from there…i’ve done that before and it’s always worked out well

    i’ll cross my fingers and toes for you too 🙂

  2. Oh my! A house? A real HOUSE? That would be amazing! I would be incredibly jealous. I need to move out of NYC I swear.

    I hope she doesn’t insist you get rid of your cat. I remember when I was a teenager and my parents and I moved to Brooklyn, our landlord was hesitant to take us because we had a dog at the time. But then they met her (our dog) and they were totally okay with it. Hopefully the same will happen with your furbaby!

    Fingers crossed!

    • A real house! A tiny house, but a house none-the-less!
      And you should; move to my town! hehe.

      I don’t think she would, plus…I’ll tell her we’re going to change her litter from clay based to corn kernal! That should help with tracking clay litter around.

  3. I’m thinking positive thoughts for you!

  4. Dezaray

    Yayyy good luck I have my fingers and toes crossed for you too!!!:):)

  5. From a dingy basement apartment to a house?! HOW COOL! I really really hope you get it…
    Haven’t read your protected posts, so don’t quite know what it’s been like for you. I’s wishing you luck from here 🙂

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