My hearts aflutter

I am so excited right now. Like, you don’t even know how excited I am. This morning, I called our old landlord, the one we had down South. He really liked us and was totally sad to see us go. Anyways, he told me that the landlady from the house we – well, I – really want called him. He missed her call, so he called her back and left a message about how great we were and how she’d have no problem with us at all.

Then the landlady from the semi-house called me. She told us that if we wanted it, the house was ours. All she {and her husband} ask is that we don’t clutter up the backyard with baby toys {her hubby cuts the grass and doesn’t want to move everything around to do so} and that our cat remain inside the house at all times. Which is totally doable, because she’s an indoor cat.

AND OMG I AM SO EXCITED! I haven’t been able to reach Matt yet and let him know that the house is ours, because he’s working out in Quebec and has no reception, but HOLY CRAP I THINK I JUST SHAT A BRICK!

Matt is hesitant, but he does really like it. He thinks we’d have more space in an apartment, and it’s 34 bucks cheaper, and he apparently hates the ‘lack of space’ in the washroom. BUT, Matt isn’t factoring paying for an extra parking spot, which we’d have to do, and paying for laundry. With this house, we would have our own laundry – right in the kitchen, on the same floor – and we wouldn’t have to pay for extra parking, as we have a WHOLE DRIVEWAY! And yes, finding a place for the cat box is going to be a right challenge, but I’m sure we’ll manage. Miss Kitty can come with us, and that’s all that matters! OH, and the washroom really isn’t that bad. New toilet, new shower, everything is pretty and clean, and there is a linen closet people.

And guys!! The kitchen! OMG, it’s pretty damn close to my dream kitchen. Like, storage wise. The amount of cupboard space is astonishing, really! Like, you don’t even know! And it’s clean, and pretty, and lovely, and I want to make out with it but not really cause that’s creepy and gross but I’M EXCITED and holy freakin’ run on sentences!

So today, I’ve been cruising Kijiji for some cheap appliances! I have a washer and dryer lined up, and also possibly a stove! The guy with the washer and dryer says he can store it for us until we move, but the lady with the stove says it needs to get out ASAP cause it’s in her front room {understandable}.

And then, I still need to find a couch. But I called my Dad and asked him if anyone he knew was ditching their couch, and he said MAYBE! So I might have a couch! MAYBE. I’m kinda paranoid about second-hand couches though, because of the bedbug epidemic going around down South…

And we still haven’t told Matt’s parents yet, but I’m getting ahead of myself anyway cause Matt doesn’t even know we have it! {He’ll be the one to tell them too, since I told my parents and squeeee!}

I also had to call work, because I haven’t heard from Matt yet and it’s nearly 2:30. He said if his boss was okay with it, he would head home at 2pm so I could get to work for 5. {He’s currently in Quebec working}. But last night we couldn’t get ahold of his boss, and because Matt has no reception on his phone I can’t get ahold of him to find out what the deal is! So I’m freaking out, because I have no one to watch Nolan. Maybe Paige moving out wasn’t such a great thing. WAAH! So yeah, I called the boss lady and told her what’s going on with me right now reguarding possibly missing work, and she wasn’t like thrilled about it and I feel super bad because I’m not this person that can’t make shifts, just the people who normally watch him backed out. One is sick, and one just doesn’t want to, and one can’t. So, I’m screwed.

My thoughts are like a Mexican jumping bean right now, they’re bouncing all around in my head and I can’t even focus. I’m excited about the house, but super freakin’ nervous because it’s going to be a hell of a lot more than we’re used to, but it’s seriously time and we need this, hard core. So, we’re doing this.

But I’m nervous.

And excited.




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24 responses to “My hearts aflutter

  1. Cri

    YAY YAY YAY!!!!! 😀 AWESOME GUYS!!! 😀

  2. YAY!!!!! I’m so glad you guys got the house! 🙂

  3. Blaine

    So excited for you guys!!! YAY!

    And, not like you can’t play outside, you just have to bring in the toys afterwards. Or put them somewhere off the lawn that’s okay with the landlord, maybe leave them at the top of the driveway when you aren’t playing with them.

    That’s so great, glad to hear it. 😀 Hope JDC and FIL take the news of you leaving well. After all, she *will* have to start cleaning her own house, cooking her own food… lol

  4. YAY! I’m so excited for you guys

  5. YAY!! that’s awesome! so glad things worked out with the house 🙂

  6. YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. YAY! I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS AND THE HOUSE!!! really! congrats! the rest will work out, I’m absolutely certain!!

  8. Shruthi

    ALL that finger crossing paid off! So happy for you 🙂

  9. Oh I’m sooo excited for you! I hope you guys do end up taking the place. It sounds like it will be great.

    Oh, and you should look around for one of those side tables or fake plants that hide a litter box. We got one for Phoebe (who now doesn’t use it) and it’s great and you’d never really know it’s a litter box. Try to start and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

  10. How exciting! A real house! When do you move in?

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