Falling Into Place…

Everything is falling into place, with less than 10 days until our moving day, I’m glad they are! We should be picking up our washer and dryer at some point tomorrow night, they are pretty sick! The washer is digital, and the dryer is old but still works perfectly fine. 100 bucks for the pair! Matt checked them out and they’re perfect for us.

We already have the stove and fridge lined up – Matt’s mom is loaning us the fridge, and my mom gave us the stove {it was in her old house}. I think my dad is going to bring down the stove and fridge {and small end table and boxes we have been storing at Kim’s house} before our move in date.

We’ve had to spend a gross amount of money this week on stuff we didn’t have and couldn’t go without. We still have stuff that we need to get, but we’re going to hold off for a bit.

We also need to pick up boxes so I can start packing. Matt’s going to do that tomorrow! He’s already done a Value Village run, with all the stuff we don’t want anymore, so there is more room in our bedroom and the garage {although not for long!}.

I am getting excited, although spending money always stresses me out. I can’t wait to be in our own place, and I’m super excited because Matt bought me my first ever bookshelf! Five shelves, tall and wide, for $30 bucks! Not bad, huh? It’ll definitely come in handy for hosting our DVD and book collections, and for Nolan’s toys even!

I can’t wait to decorate, and to make our home ours. I can’t wait to set up the adorable little wooden table and chairs that Karen gave us, after Matt paints it red for Nolan, and draw and make crafts with him. I can’t wait for so many things, seemingly little things, small things that would bring me extreme happiness. Mornings sitting on the front porch with a tea while Nolan plays in the front yard, afternoon walks down the trails, baking in my new kitchen, hanging our photos…I can’t wait for it all!

So, ten more days of waiting!!


Going away for a week was a very good idea. I loved seeing my cousin, Karen, and her two hilarious boys, and hanging out with my sisters. I got to visit with friends I haven’t seen in ages {including the lovely Amy and Nate from Hearts Into Home!}, and I got to stay at my MIL’s! Nolan spent a lot of time with his Nana, while I was busy helping my parents pack up and move away from the home I’ve always known. It was hard, but the new house is great – and the big oak table is still there. We’ll still make memories. Still, it was hard…

But, like I said, it was good that we went. The time away was definitely needed! Matt headed down to his mom’s place on Tuesday night {I headed to Karen’s house Tuesday} so my step MIL and FIL had some time to digest and really think about our reasons for moving {when we told them, they weren’t exactly happy}. FIL called Matt to tell him he supports us, and agrees, and JDC has been helping us tackle ODSP for the community start up {which we desperately need}. The time apart definitely helped us all.


I’ve sorta been lacking in the whole writing inspiration bit. It’s been hotter than hell the past few days, and I just haven’t felt like sitting down with the laptop on my lap and writing. I’ve had lots to write about, no doubt, but the energy to do it has just not been there. In fact, it’s not there now, I’m totally forcing myself to write because I haven’t in a while and I always feel weird about it.

Plus, I totally need to share some awesome news with you all!!! My beautiful friend, @jdfuerst {she writes over at Letters From The Heart} gave birth Sunday, August 29th to a beautiful baby boy! Little Dustin James!

I’m so in love with this little man already! I hope he’s taking it easy on his mama! I remember my first days of being a new mom with a new baby {yes JD, I’ll be working on that post soon! I PROMISE! I just keep forgetting lol}.

So, if you have a minute, head on over to her site {or add her to Twitter!} and shower her with attention and congrats! She hasn’t had time to update her blog just yet, but I’m sure when she has a chance she’ll share the entire birth story with us! I know I can’t wait! =)



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7 responses to “Falling Into Place…

  1. It is super fun to set up a new house. And that was a great deal on the shelf! Don’t stress!

  2. You’re alive!!! (;

    Glad you guys were able to enjoy the week and score some stuff for your new place. I’ve been meaning to sit down with Mike and start a list of things we need and goals we have to accomplish before we can get our own place. Maybe this weekend, hahaha.

    I’m also glad the time apart helped things cool down. I’d hate to see a rift because of all this. (I’m kind of dealing with my own slightly similar situation; I’ll post about it later and email you the password.) It’s tough to go your own way and not hurt anyone’s feelings. But things seem to be working out just fine for you guys. I can’t wait for you guys to be all moved in! 😀

    • Very much so Elizabeth =) and kicking too!!

      And hurry up and do that sit down, cause I wanna read about your goals =) I love reading about goals. Always inspires me to stick to mine!!!

      Can’t wait to read what’s going on in the land of Elizabeth!!!

  3. Yay for bookshevles! We are hitting up Walmart today.
    I wish you a new happy home and inspiration to write!

  4. Blaine

    So glad the week away was good for everyone.

    YAY for the countdown being single digits now! WOO HOO!

    Will be eagerly awaiting posts/pictures of the new place, and all of the things you will be baking in your HUGE kitchen you keep talking about. 😉

    It’s good to hear things are working out. 🙂

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