Revisiting Goals — the long road to success

A while ago, I wrote a post on goals. I decided {with inspiration from Emily Jane, whom I’ve just started reading thanks to Elle…I’m now totally addicted to her blog as well now} to revisit these goals, and re-evaluate what’s going on with me {and Matt} vs the goals. You know, talk about what’s changing, that kind of thing?

Goals over the next 2 years…

  1. Help Matt get through school. — still in the process, he doesn’t start until Tuesday. We’re both extremely excited, he can’t wait to finally have a solid education and great job under his belt. He can’t wait to finally have a profession that he can be proud of. I know he’s nervous, and worried that he won’t do well, but I have absolute faith in him. Matt is very mechanical and hands on, so this program will be a breeze for him, and I can help him with the written aspect of it.
  2. Get our own place. — this is definitely in progress, we only have 7 days until moving day! I’m so excited!!!
  3. Get a part {or full} time job — I’ve already got a part time job {I work a couple of shifts during the weekend}, and I’m planning on hanging onto this job for as long as it’s possible. Even if it’s only part time, working there for a long period of time will speak volumes for my work ethic. Plus, I love it…even if it’s ‘just a diner job’.
  4. Replace our family vehicle — this goal probably won’t be happening until Matt’s two years of schooling are up. But we ARE going to get our current family vehicle serviced more, thus prolonging its life.
  5. Start building our credit in a positive way — we’ve been doing this by paying our phone bills in full before the due date {I know, so simple it’s stupid, right?} and soon enough we will be paying for hydro and gas each month, which will also help build our credit a little more. We still don’t qualify for a credit card, but that’s okay. I’m glad we don’t!
  6. Have baby #2! — erm, this won’t be happening until Matt is finished school. I know I mentioned we were tossing the idea around of just getting it done with now, but we both agree that being financially situated is more important than having the extra time.
  7. Start saving for a house — we probably won’t be able to make any real head-way with this goal for a couple of years, but our new goal is to always put money in our savings account and leave it be – even if it’s just ten bucks for that month. Every little bit helps. The goal is to focus the majority of our savings to my college education, anything “left over” will go into the “house fund”.
  8. Go on a small trip, maybe to British Columbia, with Matt — well, we’ll be having more stay-cations over the next two years. We’ll probably just escape for a weekend at a hotel for our 1 year wedding anniversary, but you know what? We’re both okay with this. We know that, in time, we’ll be able to make trips out of the Province. Any time alone is time well spent 😉
  9. Somehow complete that 12 week free course at the practice firm and get a receptionist job for the next 2 years — this is a new goal, one that I’ve just added. I still have to work out the logistics, and this goal might not be possible right now but I definitely am going to strive for it!

And, now for the five-year goals…

  1. Have another baby. — I put this at the top of my list, because we’re waiting until Matt’s done school but trying for another one before I go back to school. I want to be done having babies when I head to college, so that I can go straight from school to work and not have to take any significant time off.
  2. Go back to school and get an education in Medical Administration. — this one is very important to me, so important that it trumps buying a house. Our savings will go to my future college education, and after we’re both situated in great jobs, then we’ll be able to save for our first home. Sure, it might take years but we can always rent until then. Home is, afterall, wherever my little family is.
  3. Get a full-time job in a hospital or doctor’s office. — definitely where I want to see myself 5 years from now, working in a hospital or doctor’s office.
  4. Buy a house — by this point, we should have established a solid credit rating and finally qualify for a mortgage.

I’ve basically left out the rest of the 5 year goals and the 10 year goals because I want to focus more-so on those above goals.

I’m fully planning on revisiting these goals every now and again to see my progress and add/change things.

I know it’s going to be a long road to success, but I can’t wait to be old and gray and know that we did it. We climbed our way to the top of that ladder of success and fulfilled every goal we ever had together, and every individual one. We might have done everything ass backwards and created more work and struggles for us, but we’re still happy.



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8 responses to “Revisiting Goals — the long road to success

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out and I’m so happy to see another list enthusiast! I’m excited to read about your progress – I’ve found blogging about it is a great way to stay on track (unlike new year’s resolutions which just tend to evaporate into the stratosphere of unfulfilled potential, lol) – can’t wait to hear how you do with everything 🙂

    • The amount of lists I make is insane! The fact that I’m always misplacing these lists is even more comical. You’re right, blogging is definitely a great way to stay on track! I can’t lose these lists…except for my entire month of April 2010, apparently {it’s gone, MIA, still trying to figure out what the heck happened to it and where the heck it went}.

      And thanks! Can’t wait to read the follow ups on your list as well =)

  2. Blaine

    Re: #3: ‘just a diner job’? Why do you keep calling it that? Every job is important… I used to work as a cashier at a local grocery store, and for awhile, thought it was ‘just a cashier job’ until a woman pointed out that it was a necessary position, for people to buy groceries, and that if I do my job well, then I should be proud, no matter what the position was. I completely turned around how I saw the job after that, and busted my ass to be the best cashier there. 🙂 No job is ‘just a job’ if you work hard and love what you do.

    Re: #8: Oh man, if you guys go to BC, I sure hope it will be somewhere close to me, so I can meet you!!! I live about an hour from the border, so if you’ll be on the actual coast, it would be like a 10-17 hour drive, depending on where you go. 😀

    Those sound like some great goals. I should make a list, one of these days. lol I’ll add ‘making a list of goals’ to my to-do list. 😉

  3. No idea what the numbers are in Canada, but the average age of first time home owners in the US is early 30’s. You have plenty of time. It’s not my life, but I’m glad you think it’s important to get your college degree so you can have a career before you put yourself in the financial debt situation of a house.

    Houses are a lot of hard work and a lot of money to maintain. Even brand new ones. Trust me. Please trust me on that. 🙂

    • I agree…it IS important to get a college degree and stable job before buying a house, because I’m totally aware of all the costs of a house…I don’t want to live in a shack, and I like home renovation projects. SO, I definitely need to bring in some mola hehe 😉

  4. You forgot to put a trip to Sault Ste. Marie on your plans 😀
    (or get a ridiculously expensive passport and come to Michigan lol)

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