Envisioning Fall

Fall is one of my favourite months. Truthfully, I find beauty in all the months, but there’s something crisp and beautiful about fall that makes it one of my absolute favourite times of the year. The colours are vivid and striking against the gray sky’s of Autumn, the air has a slight crispness to it, and cleanses with every breath. The scent of decaying leaves is also beautiful to me. I love the smell of fall, the look of it, and all that comes with fall. Carving pumpkins, Halloween, racking leaves into huge piles to jump in…all of it is just so magical.

I woke up this morning and glanced out the bay window, seeing that the first of the leaves had already started to fall to the ground. The sky is gray, the air has that crispness to it. It’s beginning, and I’m excited. But, I’m also anxious. With fall this year comes so many more expenses. We’re moving out next Saturday {6 days!}, and the three of us need new fall and winter clothes.

So, I’m anxious for fall…but I’m also excited. I can’t wait for leave piles and pumpkins and decorating for Halloween {the decorating of which will be made possible from the Dollarstore!} And this year, we’re going to carve a pumpkin with Nolan. Last year, he was only 6 months old and we didn’t see a point to it. But this year, he’s old enough to start the tradition that I had when I was growing up. We would draw the face on the pumpkin, and my parents would cut them. Then we would take a spoon and scoop out all the insides of the pumpkin – by far the grossest feeling thing of the whole process, but we still had tons of fun with it.

I’m excited to bake pumpkin seeds, even though I am not personally a fan of eating anything pumpkin. Matt loves pumpkin seeds, and I’m sure Nolan will too. That kid loves anything his daddy does. He’s such a daddy’s boy.

What are some fun fall activities that you’re looking forward to? Also, whats you’re favourite part of fall?


Yesterday, my dad came down to visit {and to drop off our fridge, stove and end table}. I made him a sandwich and he played with Nolan for a little while. Before I knew it he had to head back home, because he had a lot to do and the trip is a long one. I did manage to get a bunch of pictures of them together. Nolan absolutely loves his Grampa Dan!!

I was really glad he could steal away for a while to come and see us. I miss my family being so far away from everyone, and even if I only got to hang out with him for an hour, it was still awesome.

After he left, I had time for a quick sandwich and then I was off to work. And work killed me last night! We were so insanely busy! By 8pm I hadn’t even had time to do my two major nightly chores {shine up and bathrooms}. It was madness, MADNESS I tell ya!

After work all I wanted to do was lay in a huge puddle of laziness on the couch. Matt made me a tea, and snuggled with me for a bit {I was freezing cold}. My feet were aching, and so was every other bone in my body. Fall – although beautiful and my favourite – does cause havoc on my body. Especially rain during this season. It’s not like summer rain, which is usually warm {or at least, warmer}.

I work again tonight, same time. Hopefully it won’t be too busy…but still, mama’s gonna like her paycheck.



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10 responses to “Envisioning Fall

  1. I LOVE fall. Fires and crunchy leaves to step on and pumpkins and hayrides and Halloween, all leading up to my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving)!
    I think Nolan should be a model – he’s THAT gorgeous – and maybe get his clothes for free!

    • The scent of fires and crunchy leaves together = an experience like no other! I absolutely love hayrides too, I’ll have to do some research and see if any place locally does hayrides! I also cannot WAIT to go to a pumpkin patch! And yes, Thanksgiving is very yummy! I need to research some yummy Thanksgiving recipes, since it will be my first time cooking for the three of us 😀

  2. Blaine

    My hips have been more sore than usual, I think because of the rain and cold weather. While I don’t fully understand the havoc on your body, I can sympathize a tiny bit. Hope it’s not too rough on ya!

    I love getting ready for Halloween. I’ve been dying to see the Halloween costumes at the stores this year. last year we dressed Eric as a Puppy, but he only wore the costume for 10 minutes since it was polyester and he was sweating up a storm in it! We didn’t even go out with him, either. 😦 Just pictures.

    This year, we’ll be going around to our in laws, and around the neighborhood a little bit. 😀 It will be cute to see his reaction to pumpkins, I am going to do mine one of 2 ways, either scrape it thin and peel off the darker skin in patches meant to look like bats (a really cool effect, and you have to cut vent holes out the back for the candle heat to escape) or the pi symbol. Because I am a geek like that. (Pumkin Pi. lol)

    • LMFAO @ the pumpkin pi lmfao you’re hilarious! I’m just planning on doing a silly old little face 🙂 heh. I should PROBABLY get Nolan’s halloween costume soonish, huh? I must check Value Village… lmfao.

      Nolan was a SKUNK last year, lmfao my little stinker!!!

  3. Blaine

    Here’s a pic of the ones I made when I was preggo two years ago. The face was for Eric, and the Pumpkin Pi was mine. lol http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1976293&l=90106fcc92&id=547946054

    Chris did a creepy witch.

  4. Blaine

    We totally used stencils we printed off on line. lol

    I’m going to see if I can find a picture of the bat one I did. It’s super easy. Literally you just scrape the pumpkin thin (about an inch thick) from the inside, trace a bat, use a knife to make a thin cut along the line, then use a knife or peeler to cut away the dark flesh inside the cuts. 🙂

  5. Blaine

    I've gone batty

    There it is. 🙂 and according to the comment below the picture, it’s harder than it looks. lol I don’t remember it being that bad, and if you do it on a small pumpkin, or carve out the inside of the bat instead of the outside, it will be easier. 😀

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