focusing on the sweetness


Matt thought I was joking yesterday when I said that I wanted to take ‘first day of school pictures’ of him. But, I wasn’t. You see; I grew up doing it, and any time someone was going to school ~ grade school or college ~ my parents would take pictures of us out front before we headed off to catch the bus {or, in Shannon’s case, drive to college}.

And today marks the first day as his college adventure; our college adventure. The first day of two years of probable struggles to stay on top of everything ~ school work, parenting, living. Only two more years and then we’ll get to experience financial security and slight peace of mind. I’m not naive {anymore}, nor do I think that once Matt graduates we’ll never have financial struggles again. But, once he graduates, he’ll be able to get a job and have a career, and be making way better money than he is and could now. So? Yes, I’m counting down the days until graduation day! But, I also want him to enjoy his college experience =)

Today was rainy, just like every other first day of school in the history of time {except for those rare, strange sunny first days of school. I can only count like 3 in my entire past…} Despite that? We still had fun {when we were away from the house, and the construction sounds…I’ll explain momentarily}.

Nolan and I went to Walmart this morning, and I bought a George Forman and toliet paper. Not at all what I went in for, but hey, 30 bucks for a George Forman?? YES PLEASE! A hell of a lot cheaper than a BBQ! And yeah, that toliet paper was on sale too. I couldn’t find any clothes on sale for Nolan, so I didn’t buy any. I’m planning on hitting up Value Village tomorrow. I love finding steals in consignment shops!! I miss our old one from ‘back home’. That store had EVERYTHING.

After Walmart, we then we both had an afternoon nap, and then ran some more afternoon errands. And then this mama almost had a million Mommy Insanity moments, all thanks to the construction down the road. We were sitting in the livingroom, teeth chattering thanks to the vibrations that the construction crew caused by blasting {or whatever it was that they were doing}. Four more days, I kept telling myself. We’ll only have to live in a warzone of construction explosions and vibrations as they blast away rock to build foundations for houses basically right behind and beside us for four more days.

In fact, we talked to landlady tonight, and she said we could start moving in tomorrow if we wanted to. But we don’t, because I still haven’t started packing yet {DON’T BLAME ME! blame the fact that I don’t have any boxes big enough to start packing our clothes. So we’re just going to toss them in garbage bags. Yes, very ghetto. I don’t care though 🙂 heh} so Matt’s just going to bring over the appliances and maybe the couch.

And in other news, we sold our high chair today. 😦 I’m sad about it, but in a way I’m not. The darn thing took up way too much space, and we’re going to need that precious space in the new house. Nolan got to try out his booster seat, and he loves it!

I love how it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen. I can literally push the chair in under the table and forget about it 🙂

Our evening was pretty sweet, made doubly awesome by the fact that the construction workers went home. Nolan and I spent an even longer than usual time reading stories. Some nights, he is only interested in one book. Tonight? He was interested in four!!!

I love bedtime stories 🙂

And now, Matt and I are just unwinding in front of the TV 🙂 He’s wearing all the gear he bought today for his program, and chattering on and on about it. He? Is adorable.

So: there were moments of suckage in today, but I took more beauty away from it so GO ME!!! Twitter rants definitely help. And also: ketchup flavoured popcorn. Don’t hate me cause I’m daring 😉

P.S. I still find it amusing that ketchup flavoured chips and popcorn is a Canadian thing!!! When Mandy came down for my wedding, she confessed that she had never tried it before, and was weirded out that I liked them so much hehe!



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12 responses to “focusing on the sweetness

  1. Oooh! The clothes thing. Do you have them hanging up already (or still)? Because if so, just get the cheapest garbage bags you can find, poke a hole in the top and stick the tops of the hangers through. Voila! The world’s cheapest garment bags AND you don’t have to rehang them later. They just go straight from one closet to the next.

    Good luck on your move. Hope things go smoothly.

  2. omg, where did you get ketchup flavored popcorn. Gavin lives off ketchup and i know would love it lol. glad you found some brighter sides to your day. when we moved from our apartment to our house in dauphin we just kept loading the truck up with stuff it was only 2 streets over but its so much easier to move that way if your not going far. good luck. hope Matt had an awesome day at school.

  3. Blaine

    Awesome pictures, you are a good photographer – you catch people’s personalities in the photos! 🙂

    I love reading that book to Eric, but I tend to get carried away, and jump up to show him how big my arms stretch, and then he gets all riled up. Not exactly a great right-before-bed situation. lol

    Why the hell are they blasting out rocks? Isn’t there a better way? A less disturbing to all the current residents in the area way?

    You’ll have to let me know how that grill works for you – I’ve always wanted one, but couldn’t really justify buying one (where would I put it!?) when I own so much other kitchen stuff. (We have a decent sized kitchen, and there is literally NO SPACE left. I think if I was to count how many bowls I’ve accumulated, it would be at least a dozen. That’s just metal, plastic, ceramic and glass serving and mixing bowls. Now that I think about it, it’s easily more than a dozen.)

    ANYWAY. Glad you took a crappy day and made it a great one! 😀

    P.S. OMG THEY DON’T HAVE KETCHUP CHIPS IN THE U.S.??? The list of things to send to Liz is getting bigger by the day, it seems! ANything else?

    • Why thanks Blaine =) you should have seen the few other pictures I took of Nolan, OMG they were hilarious! Only thing was the camera did the blurr thing it does AND it whited out thanks to the window =( twas sad, you can still see his hilarious expressions but not so well.

      No, this is Northern Ontario, they are BIG rocks lmfao.

      As for the grill, my SMIL has one, which is why I insisted we need one as I cook with it so often. It’s easy for ME to use, and it tastes better than using the oven to cook meats all the time {or frying them in the frying pan}. Plus, it’s cheaper {and, in my opinion, tastier} than a BBQ!!!

      P.S. NO, they don’t, so yes send her some lol

      • Blaine

        Bah cute blurry photos are still cute photos. Do a post of ‘Nolan acting like Sasquatch and being blurry’. 😉

        Well then, going to need to convince Chris we need to buy one of those, even if just to try a few times, and if we like, we keep, if not, we clean and return! 😀 (Thanks for making me clear out a cupboard!)

        Added ketchup chips to the list of what they do not have down in U.S. Wish there was a site somewhere, so i know what else to send?!?! lol

  4. It’s always best to focus on the sweetness, because God knows life throws enough bullshit at us!!
    Ketchup flavored popcorn just completely threw me for a loop!

  5. Aw! I love the idea of a first day of school photo! That’s adorable.

    “Guess How Much I Love You” (the book you’re reading to Nolan) is one of Ari’s favorites!!!

    Yay for Walmart and consignment stores!

    • “Guess How Much I Love You” is also one of Nolan’s, but more mine. He LOVES “When Stella Was Very, Very Small”, “If You Give A Cat A Cupcake” and “The Going To Bed Book” best =)

      Also; first day of school photos are freakin’ adorable 😉 no matter what age!

  6. you are such a good wife and mother! you are actually the most precious ever. i love you!

    also: garbage bags for moving = the only way. much cheaper and easier!

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