Slowly Getting There…

This morning, before Nolan was even awake, I loaded up the car with some stuff to bring over to the new house. Just cleaning products, bathroom stuff, and some kitchen stuff. Then I went and got him out of his bed {at this point, he had woken up and was ready to get up}, changed him and fed him his breakfast. After he ate, we headed out to the new house, making two stops along the way. One was at the gas station so I could get gas {FINALLY I can get gas on my own! Thank goodness Matt replaced my gas cap} and then at Walmart so I could grab a Swiffer 360 reach {to clean the fans and stuff I can’t reach}.

Then I spent the morning cleaning the kitchen/bathroom, chasing Nolan away from the kitchen as I attempted to scrub out the fridge and stove, and washing some of the dishes and other kitchen ware stuff I brought over. We were there until noon, then Nolan was starting to get super cranky since we were late for lunch and it was nap time. So we headed back ‘home’ {here, in other words} to eat lunch and have a nap {him}.

I’ve still got a crapload of things I need to do. I need to load up my car with more stuff to bring over to the apartment, because after Nolan wakes up, that’s where we’re headed. I need to clean this house and pack some more – okay, a lot more. But I think I’ll save the packing/cleaning until this evening, since I’d rather start prepping the new house and moving stuff over that we do have {and sit on my ass and relax while Nolan naps…}. We only have three rooms here that we can really use to store our boxes/bins etc for the move, and they’re all cramped right now. So my best bet is to get the smaller things over to the new house and unpacked.

At the rate I’m going, I’ll hopefully have the majority of the kitchen stuff unpacked and set up by the time Matt starts moving the furniture in 😀 {oh I know, that will surely irritate Blaine LMAO}.

The only ‘real’ packing we have left to do is clothes, linens, bathroom stuff, and the actual furniture. So with two people {i.e Matt and myself} it should take no time at all to pack those things up. Therefore, I’m focusing more on the unpacking/cleaning bit over at the new place 🙂

I was going to take pictures, but a certain someone was being a pain in my behind. Matt left the fridge doors off so I could clean them properly {yay me! he spoils me so much…haha} and NOLAN decided it’d be hilarious to knock them down. He scared the shit outta himself and me, and surely didn’t make a good impression on our landlord who was home {he seems really nice, he actually came over to introduce himself}. So, I was too busy cleaning, unpacking, organizing and chasing Nolan out of dangerous areas to take any pictures this time 😦 but, maybe tonight?

This is becoming so real and awesome, I’m super excited. Putting my key in the front door today and walking in just gave me this feeling of utter peace. The place is small, yes, but it feels like home. And? It’s charming. I love the way the door frames into the kitchen and hallway look {yes, I’ll get a picture of them soon}. The bathroom might be a little bit small, but that’s okay because it’s not one of those annoyingly cramped ones. You can go to the washroom without feeling like you could also take a shower and wash your hands at the same time. Sure, there isn’t enough room for the cat box {damnit all to hell}, but there’s more than enough room for it to be comfortable for us!

I can’t describe the awesome feeling I had while looking over the rooms and envisioning where we could put things. 😀 I’m excited, I can’t wait to get back to the house! Decorating it is going to be awesome!

Now…if only my bratty kid would GO TO SLEEP. We’re already an hour and a half late for nap time, and he’s in his room talking to his stuffed animals. Clearly, he knows mommy has plans!



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6 responses to “Slowly Getting There…

  1. pixiegurl64

    Soooo excited for you guys !!! XoXo

  2. Blaine

    Okay, wait, what? Why would it irritate me that Matt is moving in furniture? Furniture is no washer or dryer! lol

    YAY!!! Kind of scary that Nolan knocked over a fridge door, but still exciting that you are moving stuff in! That’s great. 🙂

    And of course he’s not napping. Eric does the same thing (or throws everything out of his crib (repeatedly) and then cries for me to come put them back in. Right when I *really* need him to nap. ;D

  3. I can’t wait to see pictures!!

  4. You are WAY ahead of me. I’ve never cleaned BEFORE I moved in.

  5. ignotus mulier

    i’m catching up after being away for a bit so i don’t know if you’ve resolved the where to put the cat box issue, but if you’re concerned about nolan getting into it but would otherwise not mind it in the living space, you could try putting it up on something. the cat would have no trouble but it would keep little hands away from the nasties. i had to raise my catbox when i brought my puppy home so she wouldn’t get into it. ewe, imagine those puppy kisses. yuck!

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