The funny thing about moving…

Is that you don’t actually have time to take tons of ‘before’ pictures, because the mess of boxes is so overwhelming all you want to do is get it unpacked as soon as possible.

I had planned on taking pictures today, but basically forgot about it. Until Matt called me into our livingroom {geeze, I love saying that!} to tell me that Nolan was helping him set up the kitchen table.

I missed the really sweet father/son moment, because I was in the kitchen washing something {not sure what…mind you…I did a lot of washing today, and scrubbing}. Matt said that he had the table on it’s top while he was putting the legs back on it, and Nolan would go over to investigate each bolt and make sure it was tight, then he’d [attempt] to lift up a leg and offer it to Matt. He studied Matt’s every move with such wonder and intensitiy – I can just see it now. He reminds me so much of Matt, and even my dad. Nolan is always trying to figure out how things work – and not just the regular child curiosity, but a legit I must know how this works, I must take this completely apart so I know all it’s functions.

It’s awesome. I’m so proud of my little boy wonder. I can’t even tell ya. This kid? Blows my freakin’ mind. On the daily. I’m lucky.


Tomorrow evening, Matt and his brother are going to basically move everything over; the dressers, the end tables, the livingroom stuff…everything except our beds {he’ll be moving those Saturday with help from his friend}. Matt’s heading over to grab the futon and TV from his other friend’s house directly after school tomorrow and taking it straight to the house. Basically, all I need to do is get caught up in laundry, pack that laundry {yay for garbage bags!}, pack away the knick knacks in our bedroom {and Nolan’s}, and clean. Hardcore clean.

I also need to resist going out tomorrow. I killed myself, like super bad today. My pain level is sky rocketing. Scrubbing down the house before we moved in when the weather is damp and cold and rainy? Not my best idea. But I’m proud of all that I accomplished today! The pots and pans, casserole dishes, and glasses are all unpacked, washed, and put away.

I can’t wait for Saturday though, by then…everything we own should be in our house.

Unpacking will suck, but this? Will be bliss.



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5 responses to “The funny thing about moving…

  1. I love it when little ones show off their smarts & curiosity. Makes my heart flutter a bit. 🙂

  2. You’re moving! Yay! *hugs all around*

    But, more than anything, I love how Nolan looks in ths picture. Such seriousness. Mini-man who’s trying to look like some supervisor and all that… 🙂

    Congrats again on moving. And good luck at your new home 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the new place! That is so exciting!!!! Moving can definitely be stressful. But it’s so cute that Nolan is helping 🙂

  4. Nolan is so. freaking. cute! I want to meet him before he gets too much bigger. (And you. Don’t worry. I still love you!)

    So glad you’re almost all moved in! I’ve come to hate moving… and I haven’t moved in over five years. I’ve just been helping everyone else moving. When it’s time for Mike and I to get our own place, I cannot fathom how much I’ll hate it. But it’ll be ours, so it’ll be worth it. ♥

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