last week {according to my blackberry}

I saw this idea over at Elle’s blog; she occasionally does up an extremely interesting post dedicated to the pictures on her BlackBerry from the past however many days. Sort of like, a recap of life…I guess. I know we’ve been super busy, and I haven’t even had time to charge my actual camera. But that hasn’t prevented me from taking tons of pictures of Nolan. Anyway, I love Elle’s BlackBerry picture recaps, so I figured I’d share some of my own…

Our first weekend in our new home; N helping his daddy put together my book shelving unit! Out of {most} of the things in our house, this is my favourite. I’ve always wanted a book-case!!! Originally, Matt snagged me a black book shelving unit, only when we went to put it together we discovered one of the shelves was cracked in half – which simply would not do. Matt had to return it and the only ones they had available were light oak 😦 oh well, a book shelf is a book shelf, right? Besides, N helping his daddy put it together is totally sweet.

N and I, out for a stroll early last week. That sweater outfit slays me; but N is cute in anything I put him in {sorry, biased mama here}. This was N’s first time walking on a walk. Usually he’s in his stroller, trying to lean out and look at everything at once. Since we live so close to the trails {note; right in front of them} I can easily dress him up and take him for walks without worrying about the distance. He loves it, and so do I. Not only are his expressions absolutely priceless, but it tuckers him out.

Playing outside, in our back yard. N looks so stinkin’ cute in this sweater, I just can’t bear it. This sweater, and the one pictured above, are hand-me-downs from my good friend Erin but the tags say they are from Oosh Koosh {above} and The Children’s Place {below}…just in case any of you other mama’s were wondering where to buy them. {Note; true story, mostly all of N’s clothes are hand-me-downs from family and good friends, or purchased from consignment stores…I personally think that most baby store’s charge way too much money for clothes, and consignment stores are my favourite because you can snag ‘designer brands’ for like 5 bucks.}

N’s new game consists of collecting rocks from our driveway and handing them to me. I have to hold them until he decides to take them out of my hand and put them back on the driveway. I don’t mind though; I love his looks of utter concentration. It is a huge job, you know.

And how come I haven’t enrolled him in baby modeling yet?*

Morning cuddle time; one of my favourite times of day. {Excuse my face; instead, focus on N’s…because he’s cuter and stuff}

N is a very attentive hair dresser. He brushes his hair for me each morning, because I’m simply too lazy. Hah, just kidding, he doesn’t always but when he gets ahold of a hairbrush, he does seek me out.

I worked a lot last week, so N and Matt got to spend tons of time together. I disliked leaving my little man, but he was in good hands! I was just jealous I had to miss out on spending time with the both of them! Trust me when I say they are hilarious together. In fact, I need to put a video of N and his daddy together very soon. It’s priceless.


So, those were my favourite pictures from last week. I was going to try to post all of the pictures from last week and this week, but I’m running out of space {seriously; this post is draggin’} so I’ve decided to make it into a two-part post. The second part is coming tomorrow, along with a note/letter type thing to N whom will be 17 months in two days.

I hope all you lovelies enjoyed those photos as much as I do!

(*no seriously, how does one go about this? N could probably fund his own college/university education with the money his looks could fetch him. And maybe mine. JUST KIDDING, lmao)



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9 responses to “last week {according to my blackberry}

  1. Blaine

    I have no idea how to enroll in baby modeling. Maybe google Child Modeling agencies and your province or city name?

    Love the pics, he is such a cutie! The look in the one of you and him (that you seem to think you look horrible in when you look great) is priceless! That look will be what saves his butt when he’s older, and will have you and Matt beating chicks off of Nolan! lol

  2. Okay Jess, when Nolan grows out of those jackets, please send them my way? Haha, I completely love them. ❤

    He's really getting so big eh? I really wanna hangout with you and him! I should come up and spend sometime up there with you eventually! 🙂

  3. i love that you love the idea! i’m so glad you used it! 🙂

    also, psssh! you always look gorgeous! and that picture of nolan brushing your hair? eeeep!

    kisses to you and the babe!


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