Figuring It Out…

I have spent the morning trying to come up with a plan to get us out of this mess. I have decided that  I don’t want to rely on disability, even if they aren’t going to cut us off, because I can’t stand to have this happen again. So my priority is finding a job that I can physically withstand in order to do effectively.

Now, I have absolutely no idea what we’re going to do in the mean time {October 1st is fast appoarching, and that’s when rent is do. UGH}, but at least I know that hopefully we won’t be as stressed out in the future because we won’t be relying on shaky grounds to stay steady…if that makes any sense.

I have placed an ad for in home child care. Since we’re still selling the truck, we will only have on vehicle and Matt will need it to get to school most days {in order to be home for my evening job}. BUT, I don’t think this will be a problem for most people. After all, my house is jam packed with toys and we live right near a trail so nature walks will totally be happening. If I can even get one kid to look after during the days, that will seriously help us out. Two kids and we’ll be ‘rolling in the dough’ {not really, but ALL of our costs will be covered with a wee bit extra left over}.

So, hopefully I get some responds from that ad. I’m also going to check the papers and see if anyone is looking for child care. My rates are significantly cheaper than day cares/other providers around here. I’m going to ask $20 per kid per day, and the parents will have to provide that child’s food, drinks, diapers, wipes etc {which is how most day cares around here work anyway, only they charge $35 a day…}.

In the mean time, I’ve been applying for jobs. I have no idea if I’m going to get any call backs, even though I do have experience in office work and with computers, it’s ‘my own’ experience and it doesn’t really look good to a potential employer. I just wish I could find a full-time receptionist job with someone who will take a chance on me, despite my resume looking so scarce of experience with office work. I know I’d be amazing as a receptionis, but obviously the in home childcare job would work out better for our situation {since we wouldn’t have to pay for day care etc}.

So, I really hope something happens and fast. I have been doing call backs and everything I possibly can.

And I know that we’re going to be okay, we will get through this…somehow. My only worries right now are this month and next month. Most of the solutions that I’ve been able to come up with might take weeks to get results from {selling Matt’s truck, finding a job, maybe starting a day care in my house} and it’s the right now that is so frustrating and exhausting to deal with.

I called the disability office again today, and was told that my review was being started but they couldn’t tell me if I’d get this month’s disability check. Which seriously sucks and makes things a lot harder.

But I know, we’ll figure something out, and in a few months we won’t have these worries because I will hopefully be working full time {either at home, or out of the house}.

ANYWAYS; I’m tired of focusing on the stresses, so here’s some awesome things about life:

Snuggles. Snuggles and cuddles are awesome. So are the lovely little rolls on Nolan’s wrist!

bah: bald heads. Bald heads are definitely cute…on babies, anyway.

laying down, cuddling, and watching mindless children TV programs.

watching N and his daddy figure how stuff works 😉

teaming up on me…lol

So, it’s not all bad. We still have lots of love, which is good. So, yeah. Love love. and stuff.

Side Note: I’m trying to remain positive, to tell myself that things will be okay. And they will be okay, this month is just NOT our month. I hate September. September has been full of bad news and struggles, BUT…it won’t always be this way. I have hope for that, because we can fix it and we will. Thank you all for the support you’ve shown me, you all definitely gave me the lift I needed and helped push me forward past that meltdown stage…



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16 responses to “Figuring It Out…

  1. GAH Nolan’s face is just scrumptious!!!
    It never, ever hurts to have a positive attitude. Keep it up!
    And yep – things generally do work out.
    Now, get that boy into modeling…

    • His face really IS scrumptious, unfortunately he is getting away with murder with that smile!!! {not literal murder, but yeah…you know what I mean!}

      Heh, wellll…the issue with modelling {right now} is that you have to invest lots of money and time into it. 😦

  2. Each picture of Nolan is cuter than the last! I love rolls (on babies, anyway)!

    I always feel better when I have a plan, too, even if that plan isn’t solid. It just feels good to have something. I’m here for you and I’m keeping my fingers crossed; it would be so awesome if you could run a daycare!

  3. Vicky

    I think the in home child care is a great idea! My son was in a in home child care from 2 months to 3 1/2 years and He loved it, I loved it, and I think it really helped him learn and grow. They treated him like family (they had a son 5 years older) so my son was always the little brother and their son always looked out for him in that way. Their son also helped teach him potty, swimming, play video games, use a scooter. They would have a blast together. And it helped them both because her son was an only child. So it really taught him about sharing and stuff.

    I hope you have luck with that because it would let you stay home with Nolan, but yet earn some $$$.

    Good Luck!

  4. you’re a tough little cookie, honey!

    i think the in-home childcare idea is fantastic… you won’t have to pay for daycare for nolan, and you’ll still be able to spend time with him. i really hope that works out for you! keep us posted 🙂

    in other news, i love seeing pictures of matt and nolan together… it’s SO adorable.

    chin up, baby-love. you guys will figure something out.


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  6. I hope everything works out with making more money so you don’t have to rely on disability. You’re right, it could get yanked from you at any point… sucks.

  7. If you could get a few kids to look after, that would be awesome!! Wow, on a side note, daycare is so cheap in Canada compared to NYC!

    Anyway, that would be great.

    Nolan is so cute in those pictures!!

    • EVERYTHING in Canada is cheap compared to NYC! NYC is like the worlds most expensive and ridiculous place to live! No offense, but the amount of people in NYC is crazy lmao! I couldn’t survive in that jungle terriority 😉

      Thanks love! And I know; my fingers are crossed!!

  8. Leo

    ANYTHING is cheap compared to NYC. Gotta love Canada.

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