House Tour: The Kitchen

Honestly, what sold me on this house was the kitchen. I fell in love with it! The counter space and cupboard space completely blew my mind.

Here is our kitchen/dining room/laundry room. Prepared to be amazed!

The entrance way! I’m finding that having the cat box in the kitchen is really working for us. I clean it basically ever single time she uses it! It’s always in my face, reminding me to change it. Once we get a bit more money coming in, I want to buy one of these fancy ‘hidden’ cat boxes {that Abigail told me about}. When we have lots of company over and need the space, we just move it into our bedroom and the eyesore is gone!

Our table. We bought that booster seat from Walmart, and it works for us. It takes up less space than Nolan’s high chair did, so I love it. The table-cloth is secondhand; from my mom. It covers the beat up table {second-hand, from Matt’s mom’s garage. Matt and his friends destroyed it; they burned holes in it etc. It’s not pretty. One day soon we’ll sand it down and stain it}.

Our washer & dryer, in the ‘laundry nook’. We want to get a curtain rod and hang curtains so that they aren’t ‘in your face’.

See? Cupboard & counter space galore. Love love love! {Also; I bought those glass jars from Dollarama with the intent of putting noodles or something in them. They’re still empty, haha}

More cupboards {and drawers} πŸ˜€ I love the view out our window too πŸ™‚

More cupboards & counter space; and our wicked fridge with the lock on it. originally put on to keep Matt out of the beer fridge when Matt lived at home {this fridge is from his mom’s garage lmfao}. GOLDEN eh? I still use it to lock Matt out…

And there you have it! My beautiful kitchen!!! I’ve already posted pictures of Nolan’s nursery, up next {tomorrow} is the livingroom and bathroom! I’m not sure when I’ll post pictures of our bedroom, right now all the random crap we haven’t unpacked/found places for is piled up in there…and it’s super messy…so yeah. πŸ˜€

But, my two favourite rooms have been posted πŸ˜€



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8 responses to “House Tour: The Kitchen

  1. The kitchen in our house sold me, too. Tons of room. Too bad it’s years later and we’ve yet to do any remodeling.
    Love yours – especially the pantry space!!

  2. Awesome kitchen! I am so glad when I moved that I got an apartment with a full kitchen as opposed to some dinky little half kitchen with a hot plate for a stove.

    I can’t imagine not having a nice big kitchen.

  3. it looks fantastic honey!

    also, i could totally make you some curtains for your laundry nook! it’s wayyyyy cheap and i could mail them to you πŸ™‚ let me know!

  4. We had a chair just like that for Caleb and then Lorelei. They are definitely handy in a small space and portable too when you visit with someone who doesn’t have a highchair available for you to use.

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