Mini Photo Shoot

It’s been a while since Nolan and I took pictures together, and that’s a crying shame. So here are a few!

{Yes, I know, I’m totally making the duck face in this photo. BUT IT MAKES HIM LAUGH, and that’s totally worth it}

Also; I’ve finally started taking pictures of our new house. I’ve posted a new page called Nolan’s Nursery Tour {because his room deserves it’s own page} and I’ll probably do a page for my kitchen too. I am apologizing ahead of time; Cristy tells me that my camera looks drunk. Sorry about the blurry photos, but it’s this or nothing! I can’t seem to find my good camera’s battery charger, so it’s currently dead as a doorknob in my junk drawer {dudes; I have a junk drawer in my kitchen. That? Is pure awesomesauce}. But anywho, I figured a page on my kitchen would look swell! I haven’t taken any photos of our bedroom yet because it’s totally a write off. We’re keeping all the random stuff we haven’t unpacked yet/don’t know where to put in there, and we haven’t even hung any pictures yet! So I’ll get to that one day, probably not soon 😉 in the mean time, go check out Nolan’s new nursery and let me know what you think! {unless you wanna tell me that you think my camera, or me, is drunk. Neither one of us are…sadly…}

Side Note: Perhaps I should ask for a new camera for Christmas…hmm…



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5 responses to “Mini Photo Shoot

  1. Cri

    aheheh. yeah well..

    you look teh sexy in these pics! i envy your hair! ahhhhhh i want long hair again so bad >.<

    Nolan is super cute! 😀

  2. Too much cuteness!!!
    You are gorgeous,a dn Nolan – GAH. That kid kills me. In a good way! 😀

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