Ooing and Awing…

We’ve had a busy last few days here, between visits from friends and poor N not feeling well at all. I took that picture Saturday night, after he woke up at midnight crying his poor little soul out. We snuggled on the couch for a bit after a diaper change and he had some milk, then he went down without a fuss but it was quite strange. The amount of snuggling he did last week definitely tells me he wasn’t feeling good…usually my little guy is go-go-go, never slowing down for anything or anyone.

But he’s feeling much better, thankfully! Matt & I have been struggling against something too. Our stomachs have been sore, and we’re both super tired but that’s about the extent of our ‘illness’.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I had my friend Melissa over for tea, and to watch a movie. It was so nice seeing her again, and having some girl chat. But as she was leaving two more friends showed up, Seth & his beautiful wife-to-be Miranda. Miranda has been itching to see the house, and she wasn’t disappointed. She loved all the space we have, especially in the kitchen. What can I say? The kitchen {and Nolan’s bedroom} are my favourite places in the house. I promise, I will take some pictures tonight for a post. I have seriously been slacking!

Anyways, they stayed for a little bit and we chatted, but then they had to go pick up Miranda’s sister. Shortly after they left, Matt came home from school and I was kazonked. I don’t know why I was so tired, why I’ve been so tired. Perhaps it’s the weather, and the stress, and everything else getting to me? I’m not sure. Poor Matt had to cook dinner even though I said I was going to, and after we both gave N a quick bath and put him down for the night, we decided it’d be a great idea to have ‘just a half hour’ nap. Thanks to my stupid BlackBerry “ap error, restart phone” message, neither of us woke up until 11:45pm. We both went to the washroom and grabbed a drink, then crashed until morning.

At 8am we woke up, and I was still exhausted so I figured a hot shower would wake me up. Matt cooked N some yummy eggs while I showered, then he left for school and I puttered around the house waiting for my friend Brittany to call. N and I had a date to go hang out with Brittany and her daughter S. I spoke to my sister on the phone, then my dad, then decided I should probably get my ass down to the drivers licensing place to change my address, since it was on the way to Brittany and S’s place anyway. So we did that, and then hung out for like not even half an hour at their house because N was super hungry by that point {what with it being passed his lunch hour}. We hit up the grocery store on the way home, then had some yummy wraps with cream cheese for lunch and chocolate chip cookies for dessert {I am a bad mommy, or the coolest}.

Then N went down for his super late afternoon nap, and I’ve been cleaning/putting away food and moping because I would also like a nap but I’ve wasted too much time online now and if I go lay down the moment I fall asleep, N will wake up.

I’ve been on the Baby Gap website, browsing for some Christmas ideas for N. I know, Christmas is pretty far away still and I’m too broke to splurge anyway…but still, it’s nice to dream. I am totally in love with the Bleecker Collection, and I want to buy N all of those cute little clothes. Especially these…

He would look so sweet!

But alas; Baby Gap is a tad bit out of our price range right now. One day though…one day!



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7 responses to “Ooing and Awing…

  1. you’ll need to make another nursery tour of nolan’s new room!

    and those baby gap outfits are THE CUTEST.

    i hope you and the family feel better, baby.


  2. Often when you buy one thing from babyGap on the receipt there’s a link to take a survey. If you do that survey, online, then you get 20% off a regularly priced item the next time you shop. They also have a sales rack pretty much all the time, but it’s the collections on the way out and because they have so much less boy’s clothes than girl’s clothes there’s less on it. But there still are some things and you can buy a size ahead! babyGap is my favourite place to shop, I probably sound like an advertisement! I’ve been shopping there for 3 yrs for my daughter and just started for my son who’ll be here in 3 weeks or so. It is expensive and I usually only buy one of the crazy-priced things once or twice a season (like a $35 dress), but they are great quality and I’ve been able to pass on almost everything to my baby niece.

  3. That boy would look cute in anything, but yeah – those clothes are freaking adorable!!
    Can’t wait to see some pictures of the place!
    Hope you’re all feeling better! I’ve been tired, lately, also. I think it’s just the chill in the air.

  4. That little hat is TOTALLY freakin’ adorable! and I dig the black and gray stripped sweatshirt too!

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