House Tour; Our [messy] bedroom…

I was going to hold off on posting pictures of our bedroom, but then decided…why the hell not? I sort of wish to be done with this whole house tour, since I want to blog about other things on my mind, but it just didn’t feel right switching topics before the house tour was finished, yanno? So, our master bedroom…in all it’s messy glory…

Here’s where the magic happens…*winks* yes, I am THAT lame! I bought our bedding on sale at Walmart two years ago {I’m sensing a Walmart inspired theme here…}. Our bed is from Ikea and I freakin’ love it.

Matt’s dresser, tons of pictures, two photo albums of Nolan’s first years, a memory box full of stuff from my pregnancy and Nolan’s birth {I am a freak, I kept EVERYTHING}, and the HIM alarm clock Matt loves with all his heart and soul.

Oh lordy, there are no words for this picture…I have no excuses. Those boxes are jammed packed with things we haven’t unpacked yet because we have NO CLUE where to put them. OR, in some cases, because they should be tossed in the garbage but MATT WON’T LET ME. Also; our closet. 🙂

Doorway; hall and Nolan’s door.

Silly drunk camera. Why must you take the worlds fuzziest pictures?

As you can see, our room still needs a lot of work and tender loving care. Right now? I am too busy making the rest of the house look great, so our bedroom takes a back burner. But Matt and I don’t really care too much, since we only go in there to sleep and…well, yeah.

ANYWHO; thus concludes the entire house tour. I hope it was interesting!


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One response to “House Tour; Our [messy] bedroom…

  1. I love your dresser! That’s all!….

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