More More Fashion Baby

I have found a consignment store in town that rivals the awesomeness of my old consignment store {from my home town}. This consignment store had great prices and adorable clothes; they only accept clothes in great condition BUT they don’t charge a ridiculous amount for them. The other consignment stores in town that I’ve been too scooping out were way too pricy for me. I mean, I might as well go to Walmart and buy brand spanking new outfits for the prices they charged. BUT, this consignment store was awesome! I don’t think I paid more than 3 dollars on all the pants I bought Nolan, plus everything was half off. They only sell clothes, but I’m 100% cool with that {after all, clothes is what I needed!}.

For $35 I was able to grab Nolan’s entire fall & winter wardrobe including an adorable hat! I’m still keeping an eye out for splash pants, but I haven’t had any luck in that department. However, Nolan now has a winter snow suit, winter boots, and hats and mitts. I’m hesitant about buying him a scarf…I want him to be warm but Nolan has a tendency of pulling at anything around his neck and I worry about it. I mean, I know I’ll be there when he’s playing, but still. Over paranoid mama here! But anyways, I digress!

So now all I need to do is buy Nolan a few pairs of thermal pants and shirts, and he’ll be good to go!

This is the outfit Nolan wore to play group today, I am absolutely in love with it! The pants are super cute {and warm!} and the plaid shirt is so sweet it hurts my cavities!

He’s wearing a white long-sleeved onesie on underneath because it’s a little bit chilly out today. But that plaid shirt would look so adorable with the band shirts Matt wants to buy for Nolan too! And that hat seriously slays me. I want one in my size!

I took Nolan to a new play group run by the Early Years Centre. It’s closer to where we’re living, actually it’s right around the corner from where we are! Not to mention everything is brand new and beautiful, they play outside for gym and the park is all new and they built it with toddlers in mind too. We’ll definitely be going to this EYC family hub every Friday!

After the play group, my landlady {who babysits a kid that she takes to that play group} invited me out to lunch with her and some of the other ladies from the coffee group. It was fun, and super nice to get out for a while. Nolan was an hour late for his nap and the moment I set him down in his crib he was out cold!

I should really be cleaning and getting ready for my 4pm appointment but since we’ve had such a busy morning, I need a wee bit of a sit down and some relaxation time. A nap would be nice, but my bed is covered in clothes that I need to fold and put away {I’ll get to it, don’t worry ;)}.

And, because I need to write it down but am too lazy to find a pen and paper…here’s my to-do list for the rest of today:

  • Fold all that laundry on my bed.
  • Clean the cat box {it must be done EVERY DAY. I always get to do it. YAY ME.}
  • Re-organize my book shelf {it’s starting to collect all the random crap we shove out of Nolan’s reach}.
  • Basically make my house look super awesome for my 4pm appointment with a potential client {ah, I sound all professional…wooah}.
  • Clean my car {this might not happen today. In fact, it’s super unlikely…}
  • FINALLY unpack the extra bedding {since I’ve re-organized the linen closet to house them as well}.
  • Try and figure out what the hell it is I want to do with the rest of the unpacked crap taking up space in my bedroom…{cause I certainly don’t want it THERE anymore..}
  • Clean off the top of my fridge {again, random crap has been shoved up there to the point where it’s just a pile of random crap that needs to go}.

At least I took some chicken out of the freezer before I sat down…I’m planning on trying out a new recipe tonight. I want to do chicken up in the oven with a yummy sauce of cheddar cheese soup and mushrooms with onions and garlic. Sounds delish, in my head anyway…hopefully it translates well on the plate! I’ll also be making mashed potatoes {since we finally bought a potato masher} and veg. Yum yum! If it turns out well, I’ll post pictures and the recipe. {But Blaine; this isn’t an open invitation to start bugging for the recipe because I don’t have it yet LMAO!}

So yeah; those are my random nap-time spewings for today! Now I need to go find my motivation to tackle my to-do list…



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16 responses to “More More Fashion Baby

  1. Nolan looks way too cute in that outfit! I LOVE second hand clothes!

    And I totally have the same problem with the bookshelves! It never takes long for them to fill up with stuff I don’t want Squirt to get his destructive little hands on!

  2. Cri

    ahhh those boy clothes!! ahhh little boys in little plaid shirts and super cute tuques!!
    taylor and i mentally spent 500 bucks at H&M yesterday in their baby/toddler section on all the clothes we liked.
    and you reminded me of all the crap i gotta do to get organzied around here today.
    dinner sounds good, and hope your appt goes awesome possum!
    it will πŸ˜€

  3. Awww – love the clothes! Secondhand stores really are the way to go for kids – it’s crazy how fast they outgrow stuff!!
    Now – get up and get some of that list done (I am so pushy!)! πŸ™‚

  4. Blaine

    (insert whiny voice) But Jeeeeeeeeeesssssss, I want the recipe! (/whiny voice)


    It sounds pretty basic, you just described exactly what to do, so… yeah. πŸ™‚

  5. Mmm that dinner sounds super yummy!!

    And that plaid shirt…SO cute! I love plaid shirts! We bought Nolan a blue one, I’ll have to take a picture of him in it one of these days. You’ll die! It’s so adorable! I’ve been wanting to put it on him again, but it’s been WAY too warm for that around here!

  6. Can ‘t wait to hear how the 4pm appointment went!!!!!

    Nolan is such a cutie. ❀

  7. Wow, those are some great deals! That’s wonderful. I like how you’re so into home organization, I am too πŸ™‚

  8. tierney

    Hey! So I have a recipe I think you may like, sorta like the one you just posted. Real easy to make & super delish..

    Get a box of stove top stuffing, cook it according to the box (so yum and flavorful).

    Get a piece of tin foil, put a mound of stuffing on the bottom.

    Take a uncoiled chicken breast, wrap it in a piece of ham (if you want).

    Place it ontop the stuffing.

    Cover with cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup mix.

    Top with any veggies of your choice: peas, broccoli, mushrooms, etc.

    Close foil package & bake in oven! (I can’t remember how long but I’ll double check if you want..)

    it’s a super yum all in one meal. Easy to make extra for leftover lunches too. I hope you try it out, chicken always comes out super tender!

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