Tuesday Combos ;)

Tonight was my turn to get out of the house with a friend. Miranda and I decided to go see Easy A, and it was a win-win because Tuesday night = cheap night! Miranda further introduced me to a secret that the movie theatre does not want everyone to know; the Telus Tuesday combo, a regular sized pop and popcorn for five. freakin’. bucks. So my night out? Cost me $10.53.


The movie was really funny and good too, so that was also a win. Miranda and I are going to do that a hell of a lot more often. We’ve been meaning to get together for a long time, but you know how life is: busy. She started a new full-time job, and I’ve been working and trying to keep up with my crazy fast toddler. Plus, I’ve been afraid to commit to any outings for fear of how much they’re going to cost. I know, but hey. I always feel so guilty when I spend money — except for when I’m paying bills that need to be paid, or buying groceries or clothes for Nolan, then there is no guilt what-so-ever. So I guess, basically, I just feel guilty when I spend money on me.

But I needed this outing, it’s been forever since I’ve gotten a chance to get out of the house kidless. Being a mama is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it’s good to step out of the mom shoes and fall back into the Jess shoes. Not saying I forget about all my responsibilities – far from it – but it is nice to get a breather. I feel like I’m over explaining myself here…and I have no idea why. I know I’m a good mom, and that I owe no explanations. Maybe I’m just over tired?

Anyway, moving along now. After the movie, Miranda dropped me off and came in for a bit because her fiance {Matt’s good friend} was over hanging out with Matt. We drank some tea, watched Glee {haha that rhymes!} and the trailer for Burlesque again because when we saw it in the threatre during the previews we could not believe that Christina Aguilera was in it {she looks so different!}.

After our guests left, Matt and I watched Teen Mom and then cleaned the kitchen πŸ™‚

So all in all; it was a great night and I can’t wait to do it again soon!

Our day was pretty swell too, Nolan and I decided to hit up the Dollarstore and buy some Halloween decorations. We got so much for under 9 bucks, it was insanity. I don’t even care that our decorations aren’t “scary” or “cool” like the decorations I saw in Walmart {like that HUGE blown up black cat lawn ornament thing}, but still…last year we didn’t have any Halloween decorations. We weren’t even home for Halloween. This Halloween, we’ll be here. We plan on taking Nolan trick or treating, and we also plan on handing out candy πŸ™‚ On Thursday, I’m going to get a pumpkin for us to carve {first year carving one together!}. I’m ridiculously excited for Halloween. It’s kind of shameful that this will be our third Halloween together, and we haven’t even handed out candy together or carved a pumpkin!

I also had a follow-up appointment with Dr. K regarding my knee that I had surgery on in May. My knee has still been popping and snapping whenever I walk and climb stairs, and it feels worse than before, so I was a little concerned and put out. But Dr. K told me that my tendon is flat and inflamed and will be for a very long time. There isn’t anything surgically that he can do, however…he did refer me to the hospital to get laser treatment on it, but laser treatment isn’t covered by OHIP and we don’t have a drug plan. Obviously; it’s not an option for us right now. He gave me a prescription to help with pain and inflammation, since regular over the counter stuff doesn’t help.

But yeah; that was my Tuesday. How was yours?



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8 responses to “Tuesday Combos ;)

  1. i’ve been looking forward to seeing easy a but no one i know has seen it yet, so at least i have one person saying it’s a good movie…perhaps i’ll shell out some cash to go see it this weekend..

    and cute idea for the pumpkins, cus obviously he’s a little young to do any carving, is if possible maybe get one of those little ones and let him draw on it…we used to do that every year when i was growing up…we’d go to this pumpkin house (they sold tons of pumpkins every year) and we always got a big one for carving and then we got the little ones for us to decorate…might be a fun idea to give him something to do while the pumpkin is being carved πŸ™‚

  2. I want to see Easy A, like a lot but sadly no one around here wants to go, and I don’t think I could leave D for a whole movie.

    I am excited for Halloween as well! I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but I think we are going out with a few of C’s friends to go trick or treating (even though D is only going to be 2 months). We were thinking about dressing up as a theme together except D. I would be a cop, and C would be a criminal…fitting eh? lol. D’s costume is a secret, until the day of. πŸ˜›

    I better see lot’s of pictures! Of the pumpkin carving etc, are you going to let Nolan help get the “pumpkin guts” out? lol.

    • I didn’t end up going to see a movie until Nolan was 3 or 4 months 😦 same reasons, felt like I couldn’t sit that long through it with him unattended.

      Now? We NEVER go on dates because we don’t have a sitter! I miss Kim lmfao!

      And you will see lots of pictures! xoxo

  3. So glad you got to go out! I went over to my friend’s on Monday night. It felt so good to actually leave my house (and work responsibilities) behind and have some fun, so I totally understand.

    I like the frame around the picture of you and Nolan. Is that Photoshopped? You’re going to have to tell me how you did that so I can copy learn from you!

    I’m so sorry you’re still in so much pain. I wish they could do more than give you a prescription. Hopefully it helps, and hopefully your tendon won’t be inflamed much longer.


  4. I *still* feel guilty spending money on myself -maybe that never goes away?
    Still – sometimes it’s just vital to get out and enjoy yourself -period. Glad you had fun!

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