wants; lots of lots of wants.

I have been scouring the internet {particularly etsy} for recipe boxes. Not just any kind of recipe box, but a super cute one to add to my kitchen counter and make it prettier.

from here

I found this one and instantly had to message the creater because I so want it {or one like it, because it was a custom order}, only it’s pretty expensive {for me, at this current time} so I guess all I can do is put it on my “one day soon” wishlist, and hope that it’s soon.

from here

from here

from here

Too bad my wallet only has cobwebs in it…

{I’ll stop with the recipe box pictures now…heh}

To try and curb my I really need a recipe box LIKE NOW urge, I tried to find one at the mall today. I looked everywhere but nobody – not even the dollarstore, seemed to carry them. I was convinced the Dollarstore would at least carry some flimsy plastic ones…but no. How can I be a super pro chief if I don’t have a recipe box to contain my recipes? I’m constantly asking Twitter if they remember the cheddar cheese muffin recipe, and I’ve been avoiding super awesome recipe sites because I would want to write down all the recipes and put them into a cute recipe box that I do not currently have. ::Sadface::

But it’s probably best that I wait, because the beautiful Elle is making us curtains for our kitchen window and laundry nook, and I might be able to find something that compliments them πŸ™‚

Some other pretty things I’ve been looking at on Etsy today;

from here

from here

from here {for the livingroom}

from here {for the kitchen}

from here {would make a cute gift for Matt!}

from here…this is a super want, hehe. You NEED a cake pedestal…don’t cha know πŸ˜‰

Ok, ok…I’m stepping away from Etsy now, I promise! But I did learn something from all this; I want to get CRAFTY πŸ˜‰ the first project I have in mind? Marble Magnets! My cousin Karen made them for me once upon the time, and I think they are so adorable and might make some cute gifts for the upcoming holiday season πŸ˜‰



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14 responses to “wants; lots of lots of wants.

  1. Cri

    LOVE ❀
    I love Etsy!! Ahh
    I have to take a picture of the owl I bought from there for the baby πŸ™‚

  2. pixiegurl64

    I want the MUG :p

  3. could always make your own maybe?….dollar store or walmart usually have wooden boxes and then can decorate it however you want…magazine cut outs, pictures of nolan, whatever you want…

    • i agree! try michael’s or another big box craft store, they generally have a woodworking section that will probably have everything you need, including wood paints which you can get for like 2 dollars per bottle. some lacquer, markers, old magazines and scissors and voila!

    • I could, IF I could find even a wooden box that I could do up…but I can’t. No art stores locally sell them, and neither does Walmart…

  4. Blaine

    I got my 3 recipes boxes from Walmart – just the cheap plastic ones. They are usually in the stationary department near the index cards, if that helps?

    Now I want a bunch of etsy stuff (moreso than before) (THANKS) but alas, nothing but receipts and coupons in my wallet. Darn it.

    • Tried there today, thanks to your suggestion…no luck what so ever. Walmart no longer carries recipe boxes, not even wooden boxes that could be used to turn into recipe boxes in the craft section.

      Hey man, at least you have coupons…lmfao.

      • Blaine

        Damn, really? That is crazy. I guess most people don’t bother anymore?

        Most of my coupons are from either Huggies.ca (or .com I don’t remember) or save.ca or brandsaver.ca.

        Check them out – if you already buy those products, it’s great to save a bit of cash, and I think Ontario has more than AB.

  5. You know what we bought to create a family heirloom of recipes? Just a nice empty cookbook. I think I paid maybe $15 for mine? Check Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Target, etc.

  6. Oh, and cake pedestals? Check Amazon. I bought three $30 cake pedestals for $30 and free shipping last year. Mine are ‘ribbed’ and ‘clear’; hold a 9″ round cake. They also flip over and become punch bowls. I had intended to use them for our wedding, but didn’t. I kept one and gave the other two away.

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