looking at him

Today, I watched him colouring for the first time, without eating the crayons. I was struck with a sudden sense of time & how quick it passes us by. Just yesterday – or so it seems – I was writing his ‘birth post’ {which I later turned into a whole detailed page ;)} and now, I’m watching my little boy colour. Like, he wasn’t shoving the crayons into his mouth or anything.


I guess my advice to new mamas is embrace every moment and enjoy it 🙂

I love this little man, more than life itself. Actually, he is life itself.



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9 responses to “looking at him

  1. Awh, I want to see the finished masterpiece? 🙂

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  3. Cri

    Colouring with kids is an all time fav of mine!! like AHHHHHHH. He is so cute! you guys and all your cute kids.

    ‘like woah’ is very appropriate. i feel that everyday and im just pregnant with no fresh human on the outside yet or anything.

  4. Look at those CHEEKS!
    Love the pictures below, too!

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