homely touches

That sounds kind of dirty, doesn’t it? But this is what I mean:

A coat rack, to hang our coats on {since we don’t have a hall closet}. This is a lot better than tossing our coats onto our bedroom floor.

A photo of Nolan! So cute!! xoxo

New picture; ‘family; all because two people fell in love’ — one of my all time favourite quotes.

Our wedding photo collage! ❤

The best thing about having our own place is that we can constantly add to it; making it more and more like home.



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5 responses to “homely touches

  1. I love your homey home! 🙂

  2. ignotus mulier

    all because two ppl fell in love. i like that song

  3. RubyTuesday

    Ahh! Haven’t been around for a while but I love your wedding dress!! You looked sooo pretty (and the boys, handsome!) congrats!

    This reminded me that I need to hang up some stuff in my apartment as well :p

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